The Benefits of Collagen

A review of Naked Nutrition Collagen

One thing I remember from the postpartum period of my past two deliveries is the significant change my body seems to undergo once that new little person is no longer taking up residence in my tummy. So this go-round, I’m changing things up a little bit!

The three main things I remember being hardest to get back in check were (1) hair — it started falling out the longer I breastfed, (2) skin — the pregnancy glow disappeared and was replaced with tired dullness, and (3) weight and cellulite. Although breastfeeding did help me lose actual poundage, as most mamas know, even when you get back to pre-pregnancy weight, things are just distributed differently. And cellulite is much more likely to start appearing.

After doing a little research, I found that collagen is thought to help all of these things! Not only is it great for skin, which we have probably all heard before, but studies show it may help with weight loss, decreased appearance of cellulite, and stronger hair. All wins if you ask me! It’s also safe to add to your mix when you’re breastfeeding, if that is a concern for you! I had to get my hands on some collagen.

When Naked Nutrition approached me about partnering, it could not have been more perfect. I went straight to their collagen and started reading reviews and was almost immediately sold. I’ve actually been using Naked Nutrition’s Whey Protein for a while now, and already love the brand. They are truly a “naked” brand, meaning they have nothing to hide. Nothing artificial, and everything is ethically sourced. They are a fabulous brand!

I’ve been adding collagen to my smoothies every morning (I’ve done Daily Harvest smoothies for over a year now, so just adding a couple of scoops of collagen to that every morning has been such an easy addition to my routine), and I’ve even added it to coffee and juice! It mixes in so easily and scarcely changes the texture.

A review of Naked Nutrition Collagen

A review of Naked Nutrition Collagen

I have already noticed a little bit of a difference from using this stuff for only two weeks. My skin seems to be in overall better condition, and that includes the skin that normally shows cellulite! Maybe I’m crazy, but that already seems less noticeable to me. That’s motivation enough for me to continue using it to see how it helps more over time.

Have any of you tried adding collagen to your routine? What did you you think? I’d love to hear 🙂

I hope y’all had a fantastic weekend and are gearing up for a great week ahead! We had a bit of a tough week last week, which I hope to share a little more about in an upcoming blog post, hopefully later this week. But overall, GOD IS SO GOOD and we have found encouragement through these little storms. More on that soon! 😉

Love y’all Thanks for popping in!

Thank you to Naked Nutrition for supporting this post. All opinions, as always, are my own!

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