The Hive Mind Cocktail

I am a sucker for a bottle with a pretty label. And truth be known, the label on a bottle of Dry Curacao orange liqueur is at least 75% of the reason I bought it the first time. Subsequent purchases have been because it is SO GOOD! It’s a wonderful orange liqueur that adds something really special to the right cocktail!

I wanted to try it in something new, so I went on a search and found a cocktail called The Hive Mind. I tweaked it just a hair and instantly fell in love. So here it is! I highly recommend adding a pretty bottle of Dry Curacao to your home bar then exploring other cocktails to make with it! (Like this one or this one!)


2 ounces gin

1 ounce lemon juice

1/2 ounce honey

1/2 ounce dry curacao


Put all ingredients into a shaker and shake just a little to dissolve the honey into the other liquids. Then add ice and continue shaking. Strain in a pretty glass over a big ice cube (if you wish) and garnish with lemon.


The Hive Mind Cocktail made with Dry Curacao //

The Hive Mind Cocktail made with Dry Curacao //

The Hive Mind Cocktail made with Dry Curacao //

Our favorite bar tools that we use when making cocktails like this are this shaker and this ice sphere mold. And if you need a cheat sheet on how to turn ounces into tablespoons/cups, scroll to the bottom of this post! 🙂

Thank you so much for dropping in today! Means the world! I hope your week is going really well so far! XO!

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