There’s No Christmas Like A Home Christmas

Over the weekend, my husband and I were able to get out all of our Christmas decorations and get the house all beautified for the Christmas season! It may still be a little early for most folks to start decorating, but I like to enjoy the fruits of our labor for a few extra days every year, so I start pulling things out earlier than the masses!

Christmas Mantle | The Lovely Bee

Our stockings are all hand-made. I used old fabric scraps to make the ones for my husband, me, and the beagles (Delta and Dover) when we were newly weds and trying to pinch as many pennies as we could! We could probably spring for some new ones now, but I’m sentimentally attached to these, so we’ll keep them for at least one more year! 🙂

(I also made Ringo a matching, only slightly larger since he is slightly larger, dog stocking since it’s his first Christmas with us!)

Christmas Mantle | The Lovely BeeSince we went to Paris this past year and had such a lovely time, I added a sparkly Eiffel Tower ornament to all the sparkly mercury glass on the mantle. It serves as a reminder of such a wonderful time away!

Christmas Mantle | The Lovely Bee

I framed our Christmas Card from last year so we pulled that out and replaced a family photo with it for the next month and a half! It really brightens up the little corner where it sits!

Christmas Decor | The Lovely Bee

A few random little ornaments in an art glass bowl and some clippings from our holly bushes in the front yard just seemed to work for a little splash of Christmas on the coffee table.

Christmas Decor | The Lovely Bee

After an afternoon of hard work, the hubs and I took a break on our newly completed deck (Thanks d+p Design Build for doing such a great job!) for a fire and the season finale of The O.C. Season 2. (Old school, I know, but we’re watching the whole series from start to finish just for fun.)

Deck and arbor by d+p Design Build

Now all we lack in our decorating is the actual Christmas tree! That has to wait until next week, though 🙂
Have you started decorating yet?!

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