Thimblepress at Target

So I have this uber talented friend named Kristen who I met in college. We were Chi Os together where we became friends and have kept in touch ever since! We both love the local Jackson scene so we run into each other somewhat often (but not near often enough!) while out and about!

One reason why I love the local Jackson scene so much is actually because of Kristen! She is the founder of a super cool Jackson-based company called Thimblepress (throwback to when I got to model for her etsy shop!) and I could not be any prouder of her because, y’all… SHE HAS COLLABORATED WITH TARGET!!!!

In the design world, that is a dream. come. TRUE… This is HUGE! And the products are more than adorable. Spring has officially arrived in the form of Thimblepress at Target. I’m obsessed. Check out these amazing images and keep scrolling for links to shop!


Thimblepress at Target via

Thimblepress at Target via

Thimblepress at Target via

Thimblepress at Target via

Thimblepress at Target via

Thimblepress at Target via

Thimblepress at Target via

Thimblepress at Target via

Shop all of the pretty things via this link! I think my personal faves are the umbrella (which actually isn’t in any of these pictures, but you can see it here!), the wrapping paper, the recipe box, and the Happy Day banner!  It’s truly all adorable, though.

Fun fact about these pretty photos… Kristen took them herself! I mean… Woman of MANY Talents!! And the lovely models are local, too! Jackson, Mississippi is a rich place, isn’t it?! 🙂

Kristen is such an inspiration to me and so many others, and the fact that she is reaching these sorts of goals is flat out incredible! I’m blessed to call her a friend!

Now let’s all do Kristen (and ourselves) a favor and buy out the Thimblepress collection so (1) Kristen and the Thimblepress team will be super encouraged, (2) Target will ask her back for an encore, (3) you will end up with something cute and new, and (4) your mommy or someone else in need of a happy gift will have her day made by whatever Thimblepress item you gift to her! 🙂 This is win-win-win-win, people!

Thank y’all so much for stopping by today. It means so much! Check back Monday because a new giveaway may or may not be starting then!! EEEEEE! 🙂

*Edit since originally published: The giveaway will now start on Tuesday because there’s something else I want to post Monday! 🙂 Thanks for understanding! Love ya!*

Happy weekend! XOXO!


  1. Hannah M Younce April 15, 2017 / 9:09 am

    Super cute collection!

  2. Jim C April 15, 2017 / 4:53 pm

    Love the Merle Goldendoodle! We have a cousin from same breeder. She is a great breeder of mini goldendoodles!

  3. msks April 17, 2017 / 11:31 am

    I could not be more proud of that girl! Love her!

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