Twelve Dollar Bottle: The Chicken Wine

Welcome to this month’s edition of Twelve Dollar Bottle! If you’re new around here, in a nutshell, Twelve Dollar Bottle is a column where a group of regular people pour up an inexpensive bottle of wine ($12 range or under) and discuss what they taste! I don’t have any close friends or family that are sommeliers, so honestly, Twelve Dollar Bottle will almost always be a group of people who don’t know all the fancy terms. (Not to say that I don’t want to know fancy terms and more about wine, because I do! At this point in my life, though, I just simply don’t know a whole lot!)

So this month’s bottle was poured up at supper club! A group of friends and our husbands get together once a month for food and fun at one of our homes. This particular gathering was on our friend Sarah’s birthday! So to celebrate, we ladies poured up a bottle of rosé…

Twelve Dollar Bottle: A review of inexpensive wine by ordinary folks //

Twelve Dollar Bottle: A review of inexpensive wine by ordinary folks //

Twelve Dollar Bottle: A review of inexpensive wine by ordinary folks //

Three things you should know before we get started with the transcript: There were actually three more people in this group of tasters, but it was so loud with nine girls talking all at once, that I didn’t hear a word that three of them said… So sorry gals! We’ll catch y’all next time! Also, the appetizers for this supper club were a variety of dips. We did the tasting in another room from the food, so we had all been eating chips/dips, but were not eating them with the actual tasting.  Lastly, the reason I called this wine “the chicken wine” in the title is because that’s what Chad at Colony Wine Market referred to it as and I though it was funny! It’s also much easier to say than the actual name 🙂

Ok! Now y’all know… Here we go:

Laurel: Ok so this is rosé. It’s from France. I think this is a fairly popular one. It’s maybe $9 a bottle if I remember correctly? It’s very affordable! Y’all just start sipping and blurting out thoughts!

Jessica: Cheers to supper club!

Courtney: Where’d you get this from?

Laurel: Colony Wine Market in Madison

Rachel: I think it’s very light. It doesn’t have a strong bite.

Avery: It’s not as tart as some rosés

Laurel: Agreed. I like that it’s super light

Jessica: You almost can’t even taste it at first until you swallow it and take another sip.

Laurel: I bet it’d be better if we were eating and sipping at the same time. I’ve learned that most wines are best with food.

Avery: It’s less tart than Newk’s Frosé!

Rachel: Newk’s has rosé?

Avery: FROsé. I just had one and it was really good!

Laurel: Look at Newk’s stepping outside of the box with their frozen wine!

Rachel: I’m not a huge white wine fan these days, but this is… Well, like Chardonnay makes me glad I don’t drink white wine. But this doesn’t! I just don’t like how Chardonnay tastes.

Claire: I think I’m with Jess. It’ really doesn’t have a strong taste to it!

Laurel: It’s a good one just to sip on throughout a warm afternoon…

Claire: Yeah! And I like that it’s not super sweet.

Avery: I would enjoy this with something sweet, I think.

Laurel: I remember learning at Sarah’s supper club that when making rosé, the grapes soak for a shorter period of time to make the lighter color…

Jessica: With the skins on, right?

Laurel: Oh yeah, soak with the skins on. Red grapes. That’s right!

Rachel: Well coming from a person who doesn’t like any wine but red, I’m saying this is good!

Avery: I think it’s a good rosé to start on for people who don’t drink rosé. It’s easy to drink.

Jessica: It’s summery!

Rachel: Summery, light…

Courtney: Easy to drink. I like this!

Rachel: Cheers to Sarah’s birthday!

Everyone: Cheers!

Twelve Dollar Bottle: A review of inexpensive wine by ordinary folks //

Twelve Dollar Bottle: A review of inexpensive wine by ordinary folks //

Overall, the bottle was a hit! The best part? The price tag 🙂 Go get yourself a bottle at Colony Wine Market in Madison!

And thank y’all SO much for stopping by today! It means the world 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see y’all back here on Monday I hope! XO!

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  1. Whit August 18, 2017 / 7:07 am

    I do not like white wine, but I do enjoy a good rose’. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Whitney Pleasant August 18, 2017 / 8:32 am

    The chicken wine rose’ is my absolute favorite! Cheers!

    • thelovelybee August 20, 2017 / 4:05 pm

      Yay I’m so glad you like it!! We need to share a bottle sometime soon! 🙂

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