Until Next Time…

Until Next Christmas...

I won’t lie… I’m a little sad that all of the Christmas festivities are over! BUT, it’s about this time every year that I pull out one of my favorite quotes from A Christmas Carol to keep in the forefront of the brain: “I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” 

Jesus’s birthday- YES- such an awesome celebration!! But the real life happens after birthday party, right?!! The spontaneous hilarity, the impromptu hang outs, the growth, the accidents that become the best lessons, the little whispers during the quiet hours, the small sparks in conversations that become big, great conversations. Those are just a few of the magical, everyday moments that make life in those “in between” seasons cool. In my mind, anyway ☺️

Until next Holy birthday season, we can honor the birthday boy with how we use the time and resources we are given.

Feeling super blessed and thankful as we close out 21, and am prayerfully excited about what all will come in 22!! 22 is a special number in our family so I think it’s gonna be a good one!! 🤩🤩

I hope your Christmas was wonderful, and I pray we are all able to keep that joyful Christmas spirit going strong as we go forward!

Thanks for stopping by today! XO!


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