White Space

WHITE SPACE is something I’ve thought about a lot lately. I’ve been trying to challenge myself to leave more of it, because I believe SO MUCH of life’s magic happens in the white space! If you’re like, “what is white space?,” it’s that extra padding of time built into your day that allows for the unexpected… the unhurried!

To me it has looked like several things recently…
🤍 waking my kids up five or ten minutes earlier each morning so I have to say “hurry” fewer times. White space to eat a leisurely breakfast or engage in a quick round of keepy uppy before school.
🤍 not putting myself on a strict timer at the grocery store (simply so I can get to my next activity sooner, only to rush through it to get to the NEXT thing…) but instead letting myself have 30 minutes for a trip that should take 15. If I run into an old friend in the fruit section, white space allows me the time to catch up with her! This particular brand of white space was especially meaningful about a month ago. It was a God-ordained bumpin’-into that I was so glad I had white space for!
🤍 taking the long way home so I can ride past a place filled with childhood memories, so I can either tell a story to my kids about what all I got into there (because stories my parents told me about when they were little were always the best!) or text a joke to a friend about that spot and strike up a fun convo.
🤍 allowing myself grace for when I am late/am wrong/am unkind/mess up, then taking time to learn and apologize and ask for forgiveness. 

White space allows for more opportunity to KNOW AND BE KNOWN, and truly, that is what it’s all about. From a spiritual level to a relational level, it’s about KNOWING. 🙂

I think seeds grow, relationships deepen, and joy is shared in the white space. And like I said, I’m challenging myself to leave more of it because I AM NOT GOOD AT IT 😂 

What about you? Do you ever think about white space? Got any tips you could share on how to work in a little extra white space?

Thanks for stopping in today! 🙂 YOU ARE LOVED!!

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  1. Grandmary October 13, 2021 / 9:05 pm

    What a GREAT encouragement! Jesus was never in a hurry. I am the WORST at “white space,” so hoping to be more intentional. Having a term for this practice is a good beginning to practicing it! LOVE THE DAUGHTER❣️❣️❣️

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