Attempting To Keep Toys From Overtaking Our Home

Attempting To Keep Toys From Overtaking Our Home

Howdy, people! I hope y’all had a great weekend! Ours was packed but fun. Price’s granddad just turned 90 so we loaded up and headed to the delta for a big day of celebrating him on Saturday! The kids had a blast getting to play with cousins, and it was just great to be around family while celebrating a pretty awesome man! 🙂 Sunday was filled with church, brunch with fam, an easy afternoon in, and supper club, which is always a blast! (Stay tuned for a Twelve Dollar Bottle we tried out at supper club coming soon!)

So on to today’s post!

I posted a survey a couple of months ago asking for a little feedback on this little ol blog and several of you mentioned wanting to see how we organize toys and keep them from overtaking our home! Here I am, months later, finally getting around to making this post happen!

I love this topic because I LOVE a picked up house. It may not always be dust and dog hair free (it actually never is if I’m being totally honest) but if my house is at least picked up, I feel SO much better about it! Am I the only one who feels refreshed in the morning when walking into a clean kitchen and living room!? 🙂

So one thing that drove me bonkers for way too long in our current home were the baskets of toys that found their way into our keeping room in plain view. When we would host parties, I’d have to shove these baskets in the laundry room or in closets and it honestly was just too much work!

We needed a side table of some sort in the keeping room anyway, so I searched high and low for one that would (a) fit in the space we had between a dimension change in our wall and our sectional, and (2) be sizable enough to house the toys. When I came up empty handed (after literally a month of looking everywhere I could think of), I ended up drawing out what I wanted and had my friend David at d+p Design Build MAKE me the perfect piece! I drew it up to be just the right size to fit the two toy baskets inside of it. It was a bit of an investment because it was custom, but I have loved it.

I mean, I cannot tell y’all how much I have LOVED this piece! At night, we pick up all the toys, put them in this piece of furniture, and pretend they’re not there until the get dragged (drug?) back out again!

Now, when people come over, all I have to do is put up the “bikes” and Lily Ry’s little baby stroller thingy. That is a piece of cake compared to how much cleaning up it used to take to get this house looking “adult” every so often!

Another area where I try to keep organized is the kids’ activity table. This is where they sit to color, eat snacks, fight over books, etc. I bought this really pretty clear acrylic tray to keep their box of colors, all their stickers, and their coloring/activity books in one place. I think the tray is easy on the eyes (I HEART ACRYLIC) and it, too, is easy to just pick up and stash elsewhere when company comes over!

Attempting To Keep Toys From Overtaking Our Home //

Attempting To Keep Toys From Overtaking Our Home //

Attempting To Keep Toys From Overtaking Our Home //

Attempting To Keep Toys From Overtaking Our Home //

Attempting To Keep Toys From Overtaking Our Home //

Attempting To Keep Toys From Overtaking Our Home //

// similar activity table (this one comes with stools.) Also LOVE this one with these little bistro chairs! // chairs at activity table // rug // similar acrylic tray

Put some flowers from your yard in a vase and VOILA! You’re ready for supper club.

What tricks do y’all use? I’d love to hear how all of you stay organized if this is something you deal with as well! Also, THANK YOU to those who entered the Home giveaway! I am trilled to get to share two copies of this book with the two winners! If you did not win, you still need to do yourself a favor a scoop this cute book up. Get it here! 🙂

Thank you SO much for stopping by today. Y’all mean the world to me!! XO!


  1. Whit August 14, 2017 / 1:59 pm

    Looks great, La???

  2. Nikki August 15, 2017 / 1:01 pm

    Love this! I CAN’T STAND when there is clutter everywhere. Charlie is so messy and will have stuff from one end of the house to the other – shoes, paperwork, books, random objects I don’t even know what they are. Makes me crazy.


    • thelovelybee August 20, 2017 / 4:06 pm

      Haha “random objects I don’t even know what they are” made me laugh out loud!! What are we gonna do with these men? 😉

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