Christmas Mugs

Christmas Mugs

It’s about this time every year where I do a “changing of the guard” and put away our normal coffee mugs, and replace them with Christmassy ones! We typically add a couple to our collection each year (usually to replace the mug fatalities we face each year…) and it’s so much fun! (Minus the fatalities…) We love having our very own little holiday collection!

I rounded up several cute + fun Christmas mugs in case you wanted to grab one or two for your family to enjoy this season and maybe start your own holiday collection!! 🙂 You can click on individual pictures below to purchase!

I hope your October was fantastic, and I hope your November is even better!! Thanks so much for supporting my little blog by being here today! You are LOVED! xoxo!


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  1. Disney Glow December 8, 2023 / 4:33 am

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