Cooler temps, colorful leaves, and the smell of bonfires in the air in the evenings…


One thing my husband and I love more than just about anything is a good wood-burning fire. Last fall, we had our gas logs removed and had a real fireplace installed in our living room.

Enjoying our new wood burning fireplace last Christmas!

Enjoying our new wood burning fireplace last Christmas!

This fall, we’re in the process of spiffing up our backyard to make it more have-friends-over-for-fireside-chats friendly. The top item on the outdoor spiff agenda is having a good fire pit built! We’re VERY excited about it!

Because we’re such hot fire lovers, I thought I’d share a few of our favorite fireside scented candles. (We love fires for the lovely smell almost more than the actual heat!)

I love to have one of these candles going during the day when a fire is just too much trouble. These also would be great for homes that lack a fireplace alltogether!

Three price ranges, three GREAT candles:

{ ::: one ::: }

Home Scents Fireside Candle from Target: $3

Home Scents Fireside Candle from Target: $3

{ ::: two ::: }

Nature's Wick Bonfire Nights Candle: $13 for 10 oz. candle

Nature’s Wick Bonfire Nights Candle, also from Target: $13 for 10 oz. candle

{ ::: three ::: }

Alexei Fireside Candle Tins from Anthropologie: $18 for 11 oz.

Alexei Fireside Candle Tin from Anthropologie: $18 for 11 oz.

I have, and love, all three of these, but I must say… The money spent on the Anthropologie candle is well worth it… It’s absolutely divine!

For all you pyromaniacs out there who love this type of scent, I highly recommend trying at least one of these!

Do you have a favorite woodsy scented candle? I’m always looking for another good one!

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