Flashy Lashes

Ok, so maybe flashy isn’t the right word, but I had an eyelash makeover last week and I am LOVING it! They’re flashy to me because they’re new and pretty! 🙂

I try not to complain about this a whole lot, but I’ve actually always disliked my eyelashes. They’re short and stubby, and they only look normal with like 10 coats of Voluminous on them. Take my short lashes, give me a husband with full, thick, long lashes, then give me a son who looks like me but with his father’s eyelashes and I am left thinking about how crappy mine are like ALL the time…

Well, thanks to Kellie at Colorize Hair Studio, I no longer have an excuse to complain about them! She fixed me up with some Lavish Lashes eyelash extensions and I am seriously in love with what she did. A “full set” on each eye is about 50 [synthetic but very real looking] lashes added in, so for a more natural look, Kelly put about 20 on each of my eyes. (And only on the top.)

Check out how they looked before and after my procedure…

Before and after lash extensions at Colorize Hair Studio // www.thehiveblog.com

To me, there is a world of difference here! Please pardon my unkempt eyebrows… Yikes!

Anyway, these very natural looking eyelash extensions just make me feel better and also save me mascara because I only have to wear one or two coats now, as opposed to ten! 😉

As far as the procedure went… It was very relaxing! I will say, Kellie does pretty much tape your eyes shut, which didn’t bother me, but might make a claustrophobic person just a little uneasy. From that point, though, I fell asleep, which was actually encouraged! I didn’t feel a thing and got in a great power nap. The whole thing was done in about an hour and a half. The only slight discomfort was at the end when she was “brushing” the lashes out just a little. My lash line was ever-so-slightly sore for about 48 hours, but since then I’ve been blowin’ and goin’ like having full lashes is my job! 😉

Before and after lash extensions at Colorize Hair Studio // www.thehiveblog.com

^^^ That’s me blissfully enjoying better lashes with minimal mascara. Can’t you tell?

If you want to book a lash extension session with Kellie, you can do that here with their awesome scheduling system. (I LOVE this system because they send you a reminder about your appointment the day before. So helpful.)

We’re in NYC right now and I’m probably posting way too much to Instagram, but keep an eye out for some more lash pics there over the weekend!

Speaking of weekends… I hope yours is just FABULOUS! I think I might take a 5 day (or so) weekend from blogging to enjoy vacation with my family. So I’ll see y’all at some point next week! 🙂



  1. Marty July 14, 2015 / 10:23 am

    This is great! How much does this usually cost? I wonder if any salon in Montgomery does it!

    • thelovelybee July 14, 2015 / 10:45 pm

      At this particular salon, it depends on your current lash situation and how thick you want the finished product to be! I apparently have three rows of lashes where most people only have two (who knew?), and I only went about half the full thickness, so this was about a $200 job. A bit pricey, but I STILL have probably half of the false lashes a month later! So it lasts a long time. And it’s a big confidence boost for me! 😉 I really do recommend it!

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