Hey friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Sorry I’ve been so M.I.A. lately… I’ve had the hardest time staying caught up on everything! C’est la vie, I suppose (even though I’m still doing my best to simplify!)

Over the past month or so, I’ve gone on a road trip or two, cooked a lot, spent time with family and pups, eaten at a few new local restaurants, and indulged my crafty side! Here’s a peek!

Redfish at 1908 Provisions in Jackson // THE HIVE

That gorgeous hunk of meat would be the AMAZING redfish from the brand new restaurant 1908 Provisions located at the Fairview Inn in Jackson! For the folks familiar with the Fairview, it’s where Sophia’s used to be! Same wonderful chef (shout out to Gary!), same great staff, same exact spot, but brand new look and fabulous new menu!! We had the Boiled Peanut Hummus for an app, and it was almost as incredible as the fish. And the feel of the place with it’s updated decor is almost Gastby-esque to me! I was in love with the art deco elements of the design! When you get a chance, I highly recommend checking it out! I can’t wait to go back!

La Finestra in Jackson // THE HIVE

Another swank new restaurant in the area is La Finestra, a new Italian joint in downtown Jackson that Price and I went to with a few friends a few weeks ago. I gotta tell y’all… The specialty cocktails were amazing! I ordered the fish, which was not the right choice that night, but I tried everyone else’s pasta and know for sure what I’m ordering next time we go there!

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Leiper's Fork outside of Nashville // THE HIVE

On a trip to Nashville last weekend for a darling friend’s bachelorette party, we ventured about 30 miles outside of the city to Leiper’s Fork. Y’all, this is the cutest little town!! It’s like a movie set! These little snaps were captured with my lovely Instax Mini 8! 🙂

Leiper's Fork outside of Nashville // THE HIVE

Leiper’s Fork also had General Lee and the Sheriff’s car from Dukes of Hazzard! So fun!

Hand Written wedding invitation // THE HIVE

The same friend whose bachelorette party was in Nashville also asked me to hand write her wedding invitation with my newfound calligraphy skillz! I haven’t seen the final product yet, but I’m pretty excited, and was beyond honored that she asked me!!

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Neighbor Night // THE HIVE

Two weeks ago, we hosted the first of hopefully many Neighbor Nights where we invited a bunch of families on our street to come over for burgers and fellowship. We always wave when we pass each other on the street, but hardly do we ever take time to really hang out! We had the BEST time getting to know the neighbs just a little more and are already itching for another Neighbor Night! Hopefully it’ll be soon!!

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Brass Knuckles // THE HIVE

Ever feel like you just need to punch a certain day of the week in the face? I can totally relate… and this mug comes in handy!

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Blue Apron Love // THE HIVE

This is my favorite meal to date from a super cool company called Blue Apron! Price heard about it on the radio one day and it has really been SO cool. A lot of people have asked me about this company so one day I might do a post all about how it works, but in a nutshell, they send you ingredients and recipes to make three meals a week. The price is reasonable, the ingredients are fresh, and they’re all natural. You won’t find any processed junk in the bag o’ ingredients. And everything is already all measured out for you!! This particular dish was a Thai chicken dish with peanut sauce.  I’m telling y’all… I had no idea that I loved Thai food so much nor that it was so easy to cook!! Price and I are LOVING getting to spend time working on our kitchen skills three nights a week! It’s SO fun!!

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Handmade Valentines // THE HIVE

These were the valentine happies I made for my SummerHouse co-workers! I loved getting to play with my semi-new white calligraphy ink and fun washi tape! (And who doesn’t love Dove chocolates?!)

Heart Ball // THE HIVE

Speaking of love and hearts and what not… Price and I had a blast getting all dolled up for this year’s Heart Ball! I love seeing this guy in a tux 🙂

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Beagles meet kitty // THE HIVE

This was a pretty noteworthy moment… Price’s brother and his wife live two doors down from us, so they brought Miss Kitty, their new kitten, down for a little visit and the beagles LOVED Miss Kitty! LOVED her. They followed her EVERYWHERE!! Meanwhile…

Mutt Pup Love :) // THE HIVE

…Ringo hated her and just wanted to get petted on in a separate room… But he just isn’t quiiiite as outgoing as those beags are!

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The Place we fix our eyes

Fell in love with a new(ish) song at church and wanted to share my fave line. Love this!!!

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What have YOU been up to lately? Hope your Monday was bearable! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!! XOXO!


  1. Brenda Kemp February 17, 2014 / 9:51 pm

    Laurel I love your website! Enjoy the ratings you give these eating establishments and learning all about your travels!

    • thelovelybee February 20, 2014 / 8:35 am

      Thanks Aunt Brenda!! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!! 🙂 XO!

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