Love More

Love More

Love More

LOVE MORE. A simple yet radical concept! I challenge you (as well as myself) to show more love. We’re going to encounter people who are different, who rub us the wrong way, who like to needle, or who just straight up get on our nerves. But it’s up to us how we respond to these people.

My mama taught me when I was little that hurt people hurt people. So I challenge you to give more grace, as you almost never know the whole story! Don’t hurt others, for it will spill over into them hurting others. See? Hurt people hurt people! I truly feel like we can revolutionize our homes, which spread into friend groups, schools, and jobs if we just show more love and grace! If we all make a point to spread love and kindness where we are, just think of how it will take over! This thought totally fires me up! haha

I know it’s a big thought, but what if we take it in bite sized pieces? Make a point to be nice to that one person who just totally gets under your skin. Pray for grace! God will absolutely grant it if you ask Him! Once you’ve got kindness with that person down pat, move on to someone else. Wearing this shirt that I have on in these pictures might help the cause 😉 Here are some other fun shirts that brighten my spirits!

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As always, thank you SO MUCH for stopping by today! Also, in case you missed it, I’ve teamed up with Galexie GLISTER on a beautiful yellow glitter, the sales of which will benefit Friends of Children’s Hospital! Read more about all of that here 🙂

Have a fabulous day and GO BE NICE! XOXO!

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