Lovely Lately

It’s been a little while since I did a Lovely Lately post, so I figured I’d attempt to bring it back! Here are a few little lovelies as of late in my neck of the woods! 🙂

// A quick weekend visit to our hunting cabin //

It’s always great to get away for a night or two to our fun little hunting cabin! We love the change of scenery, playing with cousins, taking in the beautiful views, and eating the best breakfasts!

Deer Camp Breakfast
Slow Saturday mornings at deer camp

(( We love our oval egg chairs at our house so much that we bought some knock-off egg chairs for the camp! Not quiiiiite as comfy, but a good bit less expensive!

I now realize that the ones we bought for the camp are no longer available! But I found these that are the lower price point that are WAY cute! ))

Save 10% on this mirror with code LAUREL10

New bathroom mirror, who dis?! It’s from The Outlet in Jackson, MS and I love it so much! You can shop online and save 10% with code LAUREL10.

family cabin :)

Lily Ryan insisted that we all sit on the fireplace and take a picture together. When my kids pretty much demand a family pic, I’m not gonna turn them down! Even if we did all just wake up! haha

// Write up in Madison County Magazine! //

This is such a huge honor for me! I got featured in an article in The Food Issue (they must know my love for eating!) of a great little local mag! The article, written by friend Emma Ellard, was so nice and way too sweet! Huge thanks to Emma and MCC for the love!

Laurel Donahoo in Madison County Magazine!

// A girly visit to the Capitol building in Jackson! //

A few weeks ago, Lily Ryan and I got invited to join my sweet friend, Representative Jill Ford, and several other mamas and daughters (including our cute cousins!), for a morning of touring our beautiful capitol building in downtown Jackson! We had such a great time learning about the history behind the actual structure and learning what all goes on inside. We even got a Bible lesson out of it all! Thank you, Jill, for the extra fun morning!

A mother/daughter visit to Jackson, Mississippi's Capitol Building
A mother/daughter visit to Jackson, Mississippi's Capitol Building
A mother/daughter visit to Jackson, Mississippi's Capitol Building
A mother/daughter visit to Jackson, Mississippi's Capitol Building

// Watching my babies be extra sweet to one another absolutely makes my heart explode!! //

This is where real learning takes place! :)

// THIS //

"You can't mess up God's plans. But he sure can mess up yours!"

// Pour-over coffee //

I’ve immensely enjoyed the pour-over coffee maker I was gifted by UnoCasa! I enjoy coffee greatly, so I’m always looking for a new way to prepare it! I did an IGTV video outlining how it works (DISCLAIMER: I had just woken up when I recorded it, and was trying to not wake up my kids, so pardon the whispering!)

But it’s been a lot of fun, and you can enjoy 10% off your purchase of one with the code LAUREL10 🙂

Enjoy 10% off of an Uno Casa Pour Over Coffee Maker with code LAUREL10

// Another beautiful Mississippi sunset! //

Mississippi Sunsets

// Hanging on to the last bit of summer //

How CUTE are these lemonade cans?! SunFresh is a happy, delicious, 5 calorie lemonade that makes these last weeks of summer EXTRA sweet! You can get these at Corner Market in Fondren! 🙂

SunFresh diet lemonade

// Discovering a secret tea room in Canton! //

A couple of weeks ago, Price was out of town and the kids and I were looking to get out of the house. TSGJackson had just posted about spending some time in Canton, so I was influenced to pack the kiddos up and explore Canton! We stopped into a few shops, visited the huge oak tree where Price and I took some of our favorite engagement pictures waaayyy long ago, and we ate lunch at a secret tea room! Shout out to Mrs. Joy from Farmhouse Interiors for giving us the intel on this cute little spot! It’s called Merri Penni’s Tea Room at the back of Merri Penni’s Mercantile, just two or three doors down from Farmhouse. The kids had PB&J, sprite out of tea cups, and lots of reminders to sit still before they break something. I had the pecan chicken salad and I gotta say, it was pretty fab!! I’d definitely go back, and my kids had a BLAST (even if they did only eat half of their sammies…)

Secret Tea Room in Canton, MS
Secret Tea Room in Canton, MS
Secret Tea Room in Canton, MS

// Glads on sale! //

When Kroger has $3 gladiolus bunches, I find it impossible to stop at just one or two bunches. Let’s do three or four!!!

Glads :)

// Ray-Ban Giveaway with EyeWorks! //

I’ve recently partnered up with a local optical shop called EyeWorks and I was SO excited when they agreed to let me give away a pair of Ray-Bans!! You can enter on Instagram, but hurry! I’m selecting the winner on Wednesday the 19th! Stay tuned for a post about my actual seeing glasses from EyeWorks!!

Ray-Ban Giveaway

Ok I believe that about wraps up this edition of Lovely Lately! I hope your week is off to a great start! Thanks for spending part of your day with me 🙂 It means SO MUCH to me!!



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