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Charcuterie Ideas


They’re always fun, always festive, and are very well-rounded! You can include a little bit of everything in a charcuterie board and have a full, customizable meal right there at your fingertips! It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my charcuterie projects so I’ll hop straight to it–

The one above was for a girls night! Two of my college besties and I all have little girls the same age, but they all go to different schools and different churches, so we make a point to get them together every few months for a little something fun to keep them close! Our latest hang out was a tea party for the girls, while the moms grazed from this board, followed by a dance party in the living room! It was a total blast! 🙂

Below, you’ll find THE SNACKLE BOX! I had way too much fun with this one! This was for a nine-hour road trip to Savannah, GA with some of my other college besties! This box kept us nourished and entertained as we made our long drive!

I do feel the need to share that, as I later found out, this tackle box, which I got at Academy, isn’t “food safe.” So if you end up doing one of these, please be aware that regular tackle boxes are not considered to be food safe! Since we ate this so quickly and the food didn’t sit in there too long, I didn’t feel too bad about it 🙂

Charcuterie Ideas

The next three are from three different events where I did ombre boards! One is from a fun event I got to help with at Martinson’s Garden Works, one is from another cool event I got to do in Canton, and the last is from a party the girls in our life group at church had at our house!

Charcuterie Ideas
Charcuterie Ideas
Charcuterie Ideas

These little cups were for an event at a child’s school! They were easy to just pick up and walk around with. I loved doing these!! Easy, fun, and actually very budget friendly!

Charcuterie Ideas

Lastly, this fun bunch of yumminess was commissioned by a friend to take on a road trip to visit some family! She knew everyone would be hungry after their drive, so she wanted to have this ready to go! After I took this picture, I bagged everything up that needed to be kept cool and she put it all in a cooler! I then bagged everything else up and send her this picture so she could see how to arrange it all when they were there and she was ready to feed her people!

Charcuterie Ideas

Do you have a favorite?! 🙂

Like I said earlier, I love all forms of charcuterie! I’ve never met a board I didn’t instantly fall in love with 🙂

I hope you’re having a WONDERFUL day!! And I hope some of these inspire ya! If you live in the Madison / Ridgeland / Jackson, MS area and want to hire me to do something like this for your next party, I AM available to do private events!! Just give me a shout! 🙂



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