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I hope you’re having a great week so far! Who else is looking forward to a little temp drop later in the week like I am?! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been pretty busy lately, but with all fun things, so I wanted to share a little bit of lovely as of late! ๐Ÿ™‚

>> Getting ready for baby! <<

I’ve had a lot of fun doing gender neutral shopping for our baby (who will be here, like… REALLY soon!) These are a couple of my favorite little onesies I’ve found on Etsy. The beagle one might just be my fave!

Fun baby clothes from Etsy! // THE HIVEI also did a little calligraphy of the verse that we’ve chosen as our baby’s to get some practice in! I just love this verse so much ๐Ÿ™‚

Jeremiah 1:5 for our baby // THE HIVE>> Celebrating a friend’s birthday! <<ย 

My friend Mandy turned 30 last month and had the most killer birthday party! It was a murder mystery — 20’s style! We got to dress up in some 20’s gear and really get into whatever character we were assigned beforehand (since we had to know what we could and could not share with other party-goers about our character in order to figure out who the murderer at the party was!) ย Everyone who attended had a serious blast. I wish Mandy turned 30 every weekend!!

All dressed up for a 20's themed party // THE HIVE

All dressed up for a 20's themed party // THE HIVE

All dressed up for a 20's themed party // THE HIVE

Happy Birthday Mandy!!!

>> The Lovely Bee was reppin’ at Mistletoe! <<ย 

Every year in Jackson, there’s this big holiday gala/shopping weekend called Mistletoe Marketplace. SummerHouse (where I work) did a designer bay that was sort of an up-scale woman’s study, so without even knowing it, one of the SummerHouse assistants went to a super cute paper store called Fresh Ink and bought some Lovely Bee thank you cards without even realizing that I had done them!

The Lovely Bee Thank You Cards // THE HIVE>> Beagle stretches ๐Ÿ™‚ <<

Streeeettttch!!! >> ย Mary Margaret’s Baby Shower <<

I got to design the invitation for my sis-in-law’s baby shower and the theme was kinda rusticy, so it was a really fun project! It was front and back so I got to really use space how I wanted to… That’s always a bonus when you have a lot of info to fit onto a single sheet of paper! Shower info was on the front, and hostesses and registry info were on the back!

Baby Shower Invitation by The Lovely Bee // THE HIVE

Baby Shower Invitation by The Lovely Bee // THE HIVE

Baby Shower Invitation by The Lovely Bee // THE HIVE

Baby Shower Invitation by The Lovely Bee // THE HIVEWe also had a really fun activity where everybody got to create what they thought Jesse and MM’s baby would look like by creating combinations of their facial features! I can’t wait to REALLY see what this precious little baby will look like in January!!!

Baby Shower Activity // THE HIVE>> Donuts in Starkville <<

Making a Shipley Donuts run on the way out of town takes me back to college… Love me a good Shipley sprinkle donut!

Shipley Donuts in Starkville // THE HIVE>> Personalized Gift Enclosure Tags <<

Finally getting some gift enclosure tags for us (after doing them for so many other people!) I’ve been using these bad boys like crazy. They’re so fun to have!

Personalized Gift Enclosure Tags>> Starting with the Christmas decs already… <<

Don’t judge! I LOVE Christmas! (Thankfully Price does too!) And what if the baby comes early?! It’d be a crime not to have the house all decorated yet!! So any of you who might be visiting our house anytime soon… Prepare for Christmas! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Handmade Christmas Stockings // THE HIVE>> Jackson Metro DOWNTOWN <<

I was commissioned by one of my favorite people ever to create a version of the JACKSON METRO poster, but keep it to just downtown, to give to a friend of hers! This was given as a gift to a woman who lives and works downtown, so we customized stops that were relevant to her. Part of the job was to draw a sketch of the building downtown where she worked (this was actually a retirement gift) onto the final print of the map. It was challenging, but awesome! And what a NEAT idea for a gift to give someone! Props to the one who thought up this idea! And thanks to her for letting me execute it!!! So fun!

Jackson Metro Poster DOWNTOWN version // THE HIVE>> Baby Shower for me and our baby to BEE! <<

My awesome friends threw the most beautiful baby shower for me and our baby to “bee!” It was PERFECT!!!! I hope to be able to share more photos with you soon!!! I’m so excited to meet the little person who brings a smile to my face every few minutes with all his/her moving around in there! Ahhhh what a MIRACLE!!!!

Baby to Bee Shower // THE HIVEThanks for stopping in today! Remember to thank a veteran for his/her service!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great one! XOXOXOXO!






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