Merry Mugs

Merry Mugs

I’m SO behind on blogging these days… It’s embarrassing! haha I feel like I have so much to catch all of you up on over here! Really hoping that, since I’ve purposely not taken on as much this December, I’ll have time to catch up a bit over here 🙂

Today, though, as I sip my coffee in my Charlie Brown mug on this small business Saturday, I thought I’d do a roundup of mugs all found on Etsy! My mug post from last year still gets great blog traffic, so that tells me people like these little mug roundups! haha and who doesn’t just feel better when buying from a small business like the ones on Etsy? 🙂

Here are my small biz mug picks for this year! I tried to pick a favorite and… Just cannot! 🙂 Do YOU have a favorite!?

Thanks for being here! Hoping you have a JOYFUL holiday season!! Quick reminder that JOY and HAPPINESS are not the same. Happiness is circumstantial, and of course is really great and all. But you can have joy even when happiness isn’t around you. Joy is not based on circumstance, but on the condition of your soul 🙂 Jesus is the purest form of JOY!! And HE is the reason for this joyous season!!



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