Nursery Rhymes & Wine for Make-A-Wish

Make-A-Wish fundrasier

— Isn’t that picture of Woody hugging that little girl just heartwarming? You’ll find out who she is in just a second 😉 —

There’s an event coming up this week that I am really excited about! It’s this Thursday evening, and it’s called Nursery Rhymes & Wine, benefitting the fabulous Make-A-Wish Foundation! Stop by Reunion Clubhouse in Madison dressed as your favorite Nursery Rhymes character on Thursday night from 6:30-8:30 and enjoy complimentary wine and appetizers! It’ll be a great evening of finding out what Make-A-Wish is all about and learning how you can help contribute to this wonderful foundation.

Don’t let the costume part freak you out. You can basically dress as anything and chances are there is a nursery rhyme about it… I mean, look at this list! I always love a good excuse to dress in costume. Keeps me feeling young, ya know? Like I’m going to a swap in college or something! 😉

If the costume thing does freak you out, keep reading to the end. I’m sharing a handful of costumes available on Amazon Prime that can for sure be here by party time!

I did get to have a great little chat with a Make-A-Wish mom Jeanann, whose little angel girl Lucy (that’s her hugging Woody in the photo) got to experience the Make-A-Wish experience! Jean Ann will share more at the event, but in a quick little nutshell, sweet Lucy had a fever when she was three years old, so her parents (both in the medical field) took her to the clinic where her dad worked to get her looked at just to make sure she didn’t have anything contagious. From there, she was admitted to Batson with low blood counts. Shortly thereafter, leukemia was confirmed in a bone marrow biopsy. She immediately started chemotherapy and continued aggressive treatments for the next two years.

A friend of Jeanann’s, who volunteered with Make-A-Wish, was insistent that they fill out an application for Lucy to receive a wish. Well, Lucy was accepted and M-A-W granted her wish of going to Disney World with her two older siblings and her parents!

Jeanann said something that I thought was so sweet about their wish. “Disney trips are common wishes and while she got the ’standard’ Disney wish package, our experience was simply magical.  For Lucy, the M-A-W trip was a celebration of HER.  It’s easy for parents of cancer kids to get into the routine of appointments and procedures and imaging studies and chemotherapy.  But for a child, when they are finally able to focus on this amazing, fun, and exciting adventure on the way, it helps to make those months of appointments and chemotherapy fly by.”

Does that not just bring tears to your eyes!? I’m so in love with Lucy and I don’t even know her!

Make-A-Wish fundrasier in Madison, MS
Make-A-Wish fundrasier in Madison, MS

As for the event Thursday, Jeanann says, “We had so much fun last year at this event. The team of volunteers who organize the Wine and Wishes event really put on a great party. The food, drinks, and atmosphere are so enjoyable. Make-A-Wish is such an amazing and worthy organization and we are thrilled to be invited to share our story try to convey just how meaningful these granted wishes are for kids and their families. It’s a great excuse to come out for a lively party all while benefitting a wonderful cause. And this year there are costumes! It should be really fun!  

I hope you make it out! Reminder that it is free to attend. Just come dressed up (possibly in one of these costumes right below?!) with an open heart to hearing about how you can help Make-A-Wish! They will, of course, be accepting donations. And if you can’t make it but are interested in making a donation, please visit this site!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Means the world that you stopped by today 🙂 XOXO!


  1. Jill Ford October 14, 2019 / 9:05 am

    Oh thank you so much for writing about this … I cannot wait until Thursday evening to celebrate these precious children!

  2. Amy Adams October 14, 2019 / 10:20 am

    We are going to have so much fun while learning about such a worth while cause!!

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