Summer clothes for kids

Keeping these growing nuggets outfitted these days is a full time job! I shop local as much as I can, but when I find cute stuff online that’s on sale, I can’t NOT get it! Dempsey benefits from all of Wilson’s hand-me-downs, but Wilson on the other hand, is growing at an incredible rate! Lily Ryan, too!

Below are some things I’ve ordered recently, or items that recently caught my eye (that I might have to go back and get because it is all so cute and quantities are going quickly!) And in most cases, once you click through to the sites where these items are available, there are sales going on 🙂

Happy shopping and HAPPY SUMMER!!!


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  1. Grandmary May 25, 2023 / 1:39 pm

    KUDOS for a great “jorb” in the clothes department!!! I always enjoy seeing them well dressed yet comfy.

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