Pomegranate Champaritas!

Big Batch Pomegranate Champ-aritas

I’m here to introduce you to my current favorite party cocktail! I’ve served this three times in the past month or so, and it’s been a hit each time!

It’s a Pomegranate Champagne Margarita made with the most delicious tequila, which I found at my fave local liquor store, Colony Wine Market! The brand is 21 Seeds and it’s the grapefruit kind. In my opinion, it’s what MAKES this cocktail!

Big Batch Pomegranate Champ-aritas
Big Batch Pomegranate Champ-aritas

The recipe is simple, but it does require a little pre-planning, because there’s some freezing involved!

Here’s what you need:

1 cup Pomegranate Juice

1 cup 21 Seeds Grapefruit Tequila

1/4 cup Simple Syrup or Agave Nectar

3 Tbsp Lemon Juice

1 12oz Can of Sparkling Water

1 Bottle of Bubbly (I’m loving Gruet, which I also found at Colony Wine Market!)

Mix the pomegranate juice, tequila, simple syrup, lemon juice, and sparkling water in a pitcher and stick in the freezer until slushy- at least 3 or 4 hours. Because of the tequila, it will not freeze solid, so if you leave it overnight, or even a couple of days, it should be fine!

Once you have the frozen mixture ready, fill each glass halfway full with that, then top with the bubbly!

I am a huge fan of a salted rim, so I recommend salting all of your glasses before pouring!

Also, something I’ve come to love lately is a variety of glassware at parties! Different styles or colors of glasses make it easy for each guest to keep up with his or her glass without risking mistaking it for someone else’s! It also adds a fun little detail to your shindig! 🙂

This recipe makes about 20 dainty servings, or about 10 fuller sized ones!

Big Batch Pomegranate Champ-aritas

I hope you enjoy! Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by! And THANK YOU to Colony Wine Market for being such a faithful brand partnership for my blog! The guys there are truly the kindest, most helpful guys out there, so be sure you stop in to see then next time you need any wine or spirits!

Have a wonderful day! XO!

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