Room Adjustment

My six year old girl's room

I spent a few hours this past weekend moving a few things around in Lily Ryan’s room because she got this gigantic sleeping bag/floor pillow for Christmas that ended up being way bigger than we expected, and it took up all of the free space on her floor with her old arrangement! I love the pillow because she loves it, but I was tired of having to step around it to get in the room so I shifted everything over about two feet to the right so we could put the floor pillow to the left of her bed, between the bed and the wall. And it’s perfect! She actually slept on it one night and loved it! 🙂

My six year old girl's room

Lil’s room makes me so happy with all the fun colors and patterns. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house! And now it has a giant unicorn to make it even more fun! haha

I hope you’re having a fantastic start to 2023! Thank you so much for being here! 🙂 XO!


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