The Best Bubbles

The Best Bubbly //

The Best Bubbly //

I don’t know about y’all, but when I think about the holiday season, the pictures that pop into my head of the perfect holiday gatherings always incorporate bubbly in some form or another! Bubbles just add to the festivity in every way!

Some of you already know this, but unless a bottle of bubbly is from the Champagne region of France, it technically cannot be called champagne (although I’m as guilty as anyone about calling any white sparkling wine “champagne” without even thinking!)

There’s your little wine lesson for the day!

Anyway, sometimes champagnes and other bottles of bubbles can be a little bit pricey. Then some are so cheap that they almost don’t have any taste. Leave it to my friends at Colony Wine Market to help me narrow down the best affordable bubblies for your upcoming holiday gatherings that are easy on the wallet AND the taste buds!

Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut // $20 //

“This wine is sultry in raspberry cream and crème brûlée, with enough acidity to keep it fresh in the glass.”

Tessari “Avus” Garganaga from Verona, Italy // $22 //

“A simple wine, easy to drink.”

Monmousseau Cuvee J.M. from Touraine, France // $20 //

“Easy drinking before dinner wine. Nice wine to sip.”

Montsarra Cava from Spain // $15 //

“A pale, sparkling wine with lasting bubbles and a crisp finish. The bouquet is fruity and vigorous.”

Monmousseau Brut Etoile from Loire, France // $17 //

“Pleasant aromas of apple, cream and hints of stone fruit and citrus. A vibrant mouthfeel full of carbonation, with flavors that match the nose.”

The Best Bubbly //

The Best Bubbly //

The Best Bubbly //

The Best Bubbly //

The Best Bubbly //

The Best Bubbly //

I think bubbles make a fabulous gift for a hostess, for a girlfriend, or for your wife! (elbow to Price!) 😉 All of these have pretty labels, so tie a ribbon on a bottle and you’re set!

Each of these bottles is available at Colony Wine Market in Madison. They’re guaranteed to make your next Christmas party way more exciting! 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you’re having  great week! We’ve been working hard around here getting ready for our annual Christmas With Cousin Eddie party… More on that coming next week I’m sure! 😉

Supported by Colony Wine Market. All opinions are my own, as always!

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