The Importance of a Good Rug Pad

The Importance of using high quality rug pads in your home // www.thehiveblog.comToday I want to talk about rug pads! I know, I know… Not the most glamorous topic… But as someone who works in the interior design field, and as a mother of three dogs and two babies (one of whom chooses to run everywhere he goes), and as a tall clumsy girl who seems to trip a lot, I’ve come to find that a good rug pad is REALLY important! For multiple reasons!

1. They actually make rugs safer to walk on. Unless your rugs have a rubber backing on them (which can actually sometimes harm your floor if it’s not made safely), you probably know that a rug without a rug pad tends to slip and slide around a lot. Even when anchored with heavy furniture! A great example of this is the rug in our keeping room. Even though the middle is anchored by our coffee table and one end is anchored by two heavy chairs, it still slips around a good bit. Since Wilson loves to run, I find it ultra important to make sure that the rugs he runs on every day are not going to slip out from under his quick little feet!

The Importance of using high quality rug pads in your home //

The Importance of using high quality rug pads in your home //

2. As a clumsy person whose big ol feet seem to catch every rug and furniture corner within a certain radius of my body, rug pads also make my home safer for me! When a good pad is in place, rug corners are much less likely to get caught on the tip of my shoe, my husband’s shoe, or our guests’ shoes and trip us up.

3. Good rug pads actually make your rugs look more expensive! How? Why? Because they make your rug look so much thicker. Thick = luxurious. Right?! The rug in our bedroom is a very thin antique oushak that I scored on ebay. I LOVE the way it looks, but it is so thin that if one of our dogs ran through our room before we had a good pad under it, it would bunch up into a little sad pile of crinkled rug that nobody could enjoy! Now that we have a substantial pad under it, it doesn’t bunch up at all anymore! And it looks like a much nicer, thicker rug. Winning x 2!

The Importance of using high quality rug pads in your home //

The Importance of using high quality rug pads in your home //

The rug in one of our bathrooms was the same way. Although not a thin rug, it is in a high traffic area since that bathroom connects Lily Ryan’s room to the keeping room. (Odd design, I know… Making this more normal is in my 10 year plan for our home! We are currently just entering year 2… wahhh wahhh…) But for now, since we do use that bathroom as a walkthrough multiple times a day, we had to get that rug staying still! A good pad solved that problem immediately!

The Importance of using high quality rug pads in your home //

The Importance of using high quality rug pads in your home //

4. Along those same lines… A good rug pad makes your rugs feel better to walk on! And why not get the most out of the rugs in your home since they do take up a good bit of square footage?! 😉 They’re just bouncier and more comfortable! Those of you who have walked on a rug sans pad, then walked on it again when the pad was in place know what I’m talking about!

If you are looking for a place to get a really high quality, eco friendly rug pad that is made in the USA and will not mess up your floor (if you have used cheap rug pads made inexpensively overseas, you’ve probably seen what it does to a floor after some time passes), then I highly recommend checking out RugPadUSA! They are so easy to work with and can get you absolutely any size pad you need. They also have several different thicknesses from which to choose. And certain pads are geared towards different types of floors, so you will be able to buy with confidence knowing that your pad was made for your type of flooring. If you use the code TheHive15 at checkout, you’ll get 15% off your order! And all orders ship for free! I think you’ll be very pleased with what you end up with when ordering from this great company. 🙂

I hope all of you are having the best week and enjoying the Springy weather! Thanks so much for stopping by today! It means the world! 🙂

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Thank you RugPadUSA for supporting this post. All opinions are my own!


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    Carpet padding dampens sound. This is especially important for upstairs rooms, but even in a basement, a pad reduces sound more than a carpet alone.

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