Time Outdoors Is Awesome For Your Health!

Time Outdoors is Good For Your HealthTime Outdoors is Good For Your Health

One of my favorite things from when I was growing up was playing outside and getting dirty! The fact that my babies love doing that too just makes my heart sing. Particularly because being outside is so good for you!

Did you know that time outdoors is good for your health in at least five different ways? The researchers at Harvard, outdoor experts, and many other smart people tell us that spending more time outdoors can help with…

(( 1 )) Increased Vitamin D levels. Most Americans don’t have enough vitamin D circulating through their bodies because we spend too much time indoors. Vitamin D is thought to fight off disease and help prevent a whole host of things from cancer to depression to heart attacks! Dang! So this is some good stuff. And the sun helps up your production of it. We all could use a little boost of this stuff!

(( 2 )) Getting more exercise. This is very simple. When you’re outdoors, it’s just more inviting to get up and take a walk. Who wants to take an inside walk down your hall and back? Not me…

(( 3 )) Your happiness levels! Light has been proven to elevate your mood. A 2010 study showed that just five minutes a day of “green exercise” (meaning outdoor exercise) boosts self esteem and contributes to a more positive mood. Yes and YES!

(( 4 )) Improved concentration, especially in kids. This is so cool to me. In this article, it talks about how kids who spend time outdoors concentrate better! One researcher coined the term “nature deficit disorder” because he found that kids with ADHD concentrated better after spending some time outdoors. It has also been proven that kids with ADHD who take a nature walk before a big test will perform better than if he or she had not. If that’s not motivation to get your kids outdoors, I don’t know what is!

* WARNING! This fifth reason contains a Better Call Saul spoiler alert if you aren’t current! Don’t say you weren’t warned 😉

(( 5 )) Expedited healing. A 2005 study shows that spinal surgery patients took less pain medication, felt less pain, and experienced less stress when they were exposed to natural light after their surgeries. I don’t know about y’all, but I think there really is something to “getting out for some fresh air.” Being outside does seem to heal a multitude of things. And honestly, I think a lot of this healing can start with an improved mood! (( See reason 3. )) When your mood is good and your mind is strong, you’re less likely to get sick. That’s what I think anyway! Fellow Better Call Saul fans, don’t y’all think Chuck McGill would’ve been so much happier and healthier and just plain nicer if he wasn’t holed up in his dark house 24 hours a day? I sure do! RIP, Ol’ Chuck.

SOOOOO I share all of this to bring you to why I am SO THRILLED to partner with Mosquito Boss for a second year in a row. I was introduced to this business last year and I was completely sold after their first visit. Mosquito Boss comes out to your house every three weeks or so and sprays some magical juice around your yard and this juice keeps mosquitoes away! Is that not a DREAM?! It makes time outside so much more enjoyable during mosquito season, and as referenced above, time outside is SO important!

The guys who run Mosquito Boss are just the nicest guys around. They’re a family run business and they really value giving great customer service. They stand behind their product and make sure their customers are happy. I highly recommend them!

Time Outdoors is Good For Your Health

Time Outdoors is Good For Your Health

Time Outdoors is Good For Your Health

Time Outdoors is Good For Your Health

If you’re interested in getting them to treat your yard this season, tell them you heard about them from me and they’ll give you an additional $40 off the already discounted season price! You can contact them through their Facebook page. Then once you fall in love with them and refer your friends, they’ll give you a $25 Amazon gift card for each person you refer to them! I know you’ll love a mosquito-free yard as much as we did last year (and plan to this year!) 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping in today! I hope your week is going well 🙂


Thank you to Mosquito Boss for supporting this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always! I truly love Mosquito Boss! 

// Not-so-mini purchase of the week: This pretty outdoor sectional to maximize outdoor time! //

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