Twelve Dollar Bottle: Ballade Sauvignon Colombard

The time has come for another Twelve Dollar Bottle! We went white this round since it seems like we haven’t done white in a few months! We tasted this bottle while my parents, brother and sis-in-law and nieces were over celebrating a couple of family birthdays. Since we had four toddlers running around, we couldn’t seem to get too in depth on what we were tasting, but I liked what we ended up with! All of this came from a ten minute recording of our conversation. When you read it, you’ll think it should’ve happened in about two! ha!  There were many breaks to kiss bobos, squelch fights, refill juice cups, and the whole nine.

Without further adieu, here we go!

Twelve Dollar Bottle //

Twelve Dollar Bottle //

Twelve Dollar Bottle //

(I feel obligated to use this picture. It’s just too good not to! Tasters from left to right: Katie Miller, Jordan Miller, Lee Miller, Mary Miller, Laurel Donahoo, Price Donahoo)

// and, action //

Laurel: Alright, what do we have here Jordan?

Jordan: Want me to just read the bottle?

Laurel: Yeah!

Jordan: Sauvignon Colombard is the variety. It’s a blend. 70% savignon blanc. 30% colombard. It is made by Domaine de Ballade. From the Gascogne region of France. The nose is fresh with fragrances of lemon curd, white flowers, and red grapefruits. On the palette, shimmering citrus notes dominate with a crisp acidity and a cleansing finish.

Katie: I agree.

Mary: That’s a perfect description!

Katie: I’m not a white drinker but I would drink this again. On a hot summer’s day.

Laurel: Yeah. For sure. It is a very vibrant white, I think!

Lee: Very clean. Crisp.

Laurel: I feel like it’s pretty strong for a white. Pretty strong flavor.

Katie: I agree. It’s super sweet but it’s not real syrupy, like a lot of whites tend to be. You know what I mean?

Jordan: It’s not icky.

Katie: Yes!

Lee: It’s got a light finish

Mary: The citrus cuts through that sweet in a good way.

Laurel: Scott at Colony Wine Market did say this would be really good with, like, fish or shrimp.

Lee: Yeah, it would be a really good summertime salad wine.

Katie: When you grill out outside.

Laurel: A dining al fresco must have.  Price, you’re quiet… Your thoughts?

Price: It’s white wine.

Laurel: You don’t like it?

Price: It’s not my favorite. I mean it’s alright. I don’t taste any of the citrus that y’all talked about.

Mary: I’m a Sauvignon Blanc liker and I would totally add this to my regular list!

Laurel: Perfect, because it’s not expensive! $12 bottle

Lee: Did you happen to notice if it had one of those little rating cards when you bought it?

Laurel: I honestly did not notice! Is that a selling point for you?

Lee: Well, if you go in a don’t really know what you’re looking for, those little cards are really good.

Laurel: Agreed!

// and, scene //

Twelve Dollar Bottle //

See? Not a whole lot of wine discussion in ten minutes. But still some good stuff! The general consensus was, if you’re open to white wines, even if they aren’t your favorite, this would definitely be worth a try! It’s affordable and great for warmer weather!

Have y’all tried any particularly great less expensive white wines lately? Would love to hear what you thought was good!

Supported by Colony Wine Market. All opinions are my own, as always!


  1. Mary April 14, 2018 / 5:44 pm

    BAAAHAHA! I’d forgotten how ridiculous that beach shot from several years back is. HAHA!! I’m laughin again.

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