Twelve Dollar Bottle :: Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Today calls for another edition of Twelve Dollar Bottle!

In honor of Jonathan and Sara Beth Cobb having spent the weekend with us, I’m posting the review we did with them (and Jordan and Katie) last time they were in town! The bottle was a Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir bubbly from Australia!

Twelve Dollar Bottle // Informal wine review // THE HIVE

You’ve met Jordan (The Corn Bagger), Katie (The Shoe Shop Fashionista), Price (The Legal Counsel), and me (The Blogging Paper Girl) before in THIS review. And you’ve met Sara Beth before in another capacity as my partner for The Lovely Buzz! I don’t think y’all have ever met Jonathan before, though! Here are the Cobbs’ Twelve Dollar Bottle names and bios! 🙂

The Flowery Designer

I so admire Sara Beth because not only is she just an awesome friend with incredible talent as a graphic designer and blogger, but she can also do flowers! She helped host a shower this past weekend in Jackson, so when she and her hubs arrived at our house on Friday from Birmingham where they live, she had a car full of the most GORGEOUS flower arrangements for the shower the next day! I told her I really need her to do a guest post for THE HIVE with tips for doing floral arrangements! (So stay tuned!) 😉

The Deep Fryer

Jonathan Cobb, Sara Beth’s hubs, was a Sigma Chi at Mississippi State with Jordan as well as a law school class mate of Price’s at Ole Miss! So Jonathan has been around our family for a long time. We love this guy! One of my favorite memories involving Jonathan was when he opened up the Sigma Chi kitchen after hours back in like 2004 (I think he was the house manager or something like that) and made fried Oreos for the few of us who had the pleasure of being with him that night! That was the first fried Oreo I ever tried and, as you could imagine, it was insanely delish… YET… I try not to make a habit of them. I’m sure no one does!

Now that you’ve met everyone, here is your full team of reviewers…

Twelve Dollar Bottle Reviewers

>>>>> Now for the review!!! <<<<<

The Blogging Paper Girl: Who is going to take the first sip?


The Shoe Shop Fashionista: Very bubbly…

Paper Girl: It IS bubbly. Vibrant!

The Corn Bagger: Carbonated.

Paper Girl: It’s not super sweet. It’s got some sweetness but not icky sweet.

The Deep Fryer: Am I right in saying it’s kinda dry?

Corn Bagger: It’s very dry.

The Flower Designer: Yes, I agree!

Paper Girl: I was thinking it was kinda dry too!

Deep Fryer: Well good, that’s the first smart thing I’ve ever said about wine!

Paper Girl: Does it go well with y’alls cigars?

Deep Fryer: I would say right now the cigar is overpowering the wine.

The Legal Counsel: Ugh. Yuck.

Paper Girl: You don’t like it?

Legal Counsel: I don’t like white wine in general. This is too dry. Ugh I hate this…

Paper Girl: But it’s like champagne.

Legal Counsel: Well it’s too dry for me.

Corn Bagger: If it were not for the bubbles, I would not drink this.

Designer: I agree. But I like the bubbly and the dry mix. It’s kind of nice. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything quite like this.

Paper Girl: I’ve never had something that said Pinot Noir on the label that wasn’t red…

Designer: It says Pinot Noir on the label?

Paper Girl: It said Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut.

Designer: WHAT?

Corn Bagger: Are you sure it wasn’t Grigio?

Paper Girl: I’m positive. I’m looking at it right now…

Corn Bagger: I guess I’ll believe you.

Designer: That is strange…

Deep Fryer: I would drink it. I don’t know why I’m saying that. I guess I’ll say this: There’s no reason not to!

Paper Girl: Yeah… You’re right! I’m kind of going through a bubbly phase in life. Like that’s what I prefer, so… I’m loving this! I like slightly dry. And bubbly.

Designer: I like that it’s not too sweet. I do like that.

Deep Fryer: I like it better than I like champagne.

Paper Girl: It was only like $11 for the bottle.

Designer: Am I right in saying it kind of has a bite at the end?

Fashionista: Yeah, I feel the bite with ya.

Designer: You got bit? hahaha

Deep Fryer: It sorta hits ya like three quarters of the way back.

Paper Girl: I can get in on that… Well I personally would buy this again but I know that there’s not a bunch of white drinkers or bubbly drinkers in this group.

Fashionista: Yeah I’m just more a fan of red these days and can’t do anything sweet. Even though this isn’t really all that sweet, it’s too sweet for me.

Designer: You know what? This might be really good with like a Chicken Picatta. Like a lemon butter dish, I think it would go really nice with.

Paper Girl: I love that!

Deep Fryer: Is it citrusy? I think that’s one of the words I heard on some wine documentary…

Paper Girl: I think it may have some citrus notes!

Corn Bagger: I was about to say, all you gotta do is put the word “notes” behind it and you’re in. You’re right.

Designer: With the right dish I would drink this again.

Corn Bagger: My closing thoughts are… Sometimes painful experiences teach us good lessons…

Designer: That’s very deep, Jordan.

Paper Girl: Well, Jonathan, it seems that you were right about the citrus notes. After reading the bottle it turns out that you and the experts have similar opinoins!

Designer: Jonathan is one step away from a sommelier.

Deep Fryer: No, I’m one sommelier away from being a sommelier.

Designer: Ok, whatever that means…

Paper Girl: Love it!

In review, this bottle is… controversial! A Chardonnay + Pinot Noir that has no hint of red in the color? All of us non-winos are baffled! But whatever… It seemed that for Price and Jordan, this particular bottle was a bust. The ladies and Jonathan were a little more loving, but not everyone would drink this regularly like I (Laurel) would! I guess I just love bubbles! 🙂

Winery: Jacob’s Creek
Type: Chardonnay Pinot Noir
Region: South Eastern Australia
Year: This bottle doesn’t say!
Cost: $11 and some change


  1. sbpcobb April 1, 2014 / 12:02 pm

    This was fantastic! And hilarious. I definitely love the Twelve Dollar Bottle series, and I hope to get to taste another soon! 😉

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