White Christmas

I love white.

White is hands down my favorite color! About a fifth of my closet is white, 75% of the walls in my house are Benjamin Moore Linen White, and it’s on my bucket list to have an all white kitchen (hence this pin board) in my house one day. My husband thinks I’m so “blah” for loving white so much, but anyone who has studied lights and prisms knows that white is the presence of all color! (Think about it: White light bent through a prism = the rainbow!) So I consider myself a color lover because of my love for all things white! 😉

All that to say… I’ve been going crazy over white Christmas decorations since it’s that time of year! With so many beautiful “White Christmas” photos floating around, I had to share a few of my faves! I know the styles are all over the map, but just go with me

White Christmas @ The Lovely Bee

Let’s have a party!

White Christmas @ The Lovely Bee

Love this white-washed wood and the beautiful white deer figurines!

White Christmas @ The Lovely Bee

Simple, rustic, and sweet. LOVE!

White Christmas @ The Lovely Bee

Love the modern simplicity of this. You can never go wrong with clean lines and a cozy fire!

White Christmas @ The Lovely Bee

Does a room get any more inviting?!

White Christmas @ The Lovely Bee

Just lovely… What a great little mini tree! (Do I spy a little Scottie just outside the door?!)

White Christmas @ The Lovely Bee

This little cottage makes a cold winter day so welcome!

White Christmas @ The Lovely Bee


White Christmas @ The Lovely Bee (via TheEverygirl)

I found this on TheEverygirl’s instagram. Love love love!!

The original sources of all of these photos can be found on this pin board (except the last one, which was found on the Instagram account of TheEverygirl.)

What’s your favorite Christmas color? Or just favorite color in general? I’m in such an inspired mode that I do believe I’m going to make all white Christmas cards to send out from my husband, puppies, and myself this year! Oh yeah!


  1. Home Seasons November 26, 2012 / 6:46 pm

    We’re dreaming of a White Christmas too!

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