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Big girl room update //

I’ve had a Joe Diffie song in my head a lot lately when thinking about the changes that are happening around our parts these days!

“Cause and effect… Chain of events… All of this chaos makes perfect sense…” (It’s from the 1994 hit Third Rock from the Sun. Raise your hand if you remember good ol’ Joe Diffie! Saying his name just makes me giggle!)

But anyway, we really do have quite the cause and effect. And a long chain of events. But it all makes perfect sense! Here we go:

We have a baby due early November. We are out of bedrooms in the main part of our home. (We do have this guest room in our bonus area, but do not feel comfortable putting a kid up there at this point in time. So we are about to add a door to Price’s office and make that a makeshift nursery. Meanwhile, we are going to build out the big attic we have sitting above Lily Ryan’s room / kitchen / keeping room and build some stairs to come down into the keeping room adding two bedrooms and a full bath. Once that is finished, the plan is to move Wilson to one of those upstairs bedrooms, then move little man into Wilson’s old room. But in order for a makeshift nursery to happen in Price’s current man room, we need a crib. So Lily Ryan needs to give hers up. So she’s about to move to a big girl bed. Which is why we are working on making her room a big girl room!

I wanted to share my color board and inspo with y’all because I’m just SUPER excited about it! Interior design makes me happy from my hair to my toes. And it’s especially fun to get to do a toddler girl’s room! 🙂

There is already a lot in there that I want to keep and work with. The main things are the paint color,  the two pieces of art over her crib from VIEW GALLERY, the rug (which is a total steal and has added so much fun to the space), and her market throw blanket from anthro. I still just adore this blanket SO MUCH! (Sadly the pink color way is sold out but keep an eye out because it’s been out before and anthro has brought it back! Plus the neutral version is to die for as well!)

So with what we have, the colors I want to carry forward are that bright pink, a good golden yellow, a softer pink, and a soft aqua blue. The painting and the rug each have these colors in them, so they’re our colors. And I love them! I’m also not opposed to a little orange working its way in because we already have a little of that in there anyway! 🙂

You can get an idea of what Lily Ryan’s room currently looks like from this post, even though it’s from over a year ago. So here are a few bedroom inspo ideas I’ve found on Pinterest that get my gears turning!

Big girl room update //

Big girl room update //

Big girl room update //

Big girl room update //

Big girl room update //

Big girl room update //

// original sources for all above photos can be found via this Pinterest board // 

I’ve already ordered a double bed frame and some lovely commercial grade (read: easy to maintain) Pollack yellow velvet to have an upholstered headboard made! And I found these fun sheets from Target that pull in lots of our happy colors! I scored a killer deal on a beautiful soft pale bluey green lamp from the SummerHouse back door sale and plan to use our West Elm Parsons Desk as a side table upon which to set the lamp. I’d love to get a little square upholstered ottoman to go under there, and maybe a fun basket to use for storage. And I think this bed skirt is extra whimsical and girly without being over the top! But I haven’t gotten that far yet! Oh, and we are definitely getting one of these “ok to wake” clocks, even though it doesn’t really enhance the design of the room, because Wilson loves his. Lily Ryan will feel like such a big girl to have one that matches Wilson’s!

The swivel rocker from SummerHouse (which has been my FAVORITE CHAIR EVER) will move to the makeshift nursery, as will our white chest of drawers (similar here) that we use as a changing table. These two things have been in both previous nurseries so they have to be used for new baby boy, too! It’s only natural!

So all that to say, I think we will have plenty of room to expand bed size and add the desk as a side table. She will lose a little storage, but that just serves as great motivation for me to get her closet organized and more functional!

Stay tuned, as I plan to post all my updates on Instagram! 🙂 There are still lots of decisions left to be made! Should be a fun process, though :)!I’ll also be sure to keep you updated on our building project. Can’t wait to get it going!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today. I hope your week is off to an incredible start!!

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