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Maroon clothes for toddlers // Mississippi State University //

Football season is only one month away! Can y’all believe that?! Even if your home team isn’t all that great, you’ve got to admit that it’s a pretty amazing time of the year. Fall is starting to roll in, you can go get a heavy dose of team spirit and tailgate food every weekend if you so choose, and you get to shop for new clothes! 😉

With growing babies (the picture above was of mine last year and I cannot believe how much they have grown and changed!! Also, I clearly didn’t think too well when packing for Starkville, since I packed checks for both of them… Oh well!), rarely do team-colored clothes fit from one season to another. Which is why baby and toddler mamas have to re-hunt for your team’s colors every year! Since I’ve already begun my hunt for maroon (go Bulldogs!) I thought I’d share my finds with other Mississippi State mamas out there!

Here are some adorable maroon and white finds for baby and toddler girls. A lot of this stuff is on sale and about half of it is for babies OR toddlers!

Maroon clothes for toddlers // Mississippi State University //

Clockwise from top left corner: BUBBLE: So dang cute for a baby girl. Only goes up to 24 mo! // LONG SLEEVE TEE: Confession: I lost the link to this shirt and can’t find it again so the shirt linked is the closest I could find… Sorry! ha! // EYELET SHORTS: Just precious. << That link is for baby size. Toddler sizes here! // CREPE OVERALLS: Zara never fails. // TIERED DRESS: Does this thing come in my size?! // SNEAKS: Love them SO MUCH. // COLLARED DRESS: Zara capsule is killer. // RUFFLE FRONT TANK: The prettiest shade of faded maroon. // VELVET MAROON BOOTS: Have you ever seen anything cuter?! // WHITE TEE: It’s like Wilt for babies. Again, I love you Zara! // FLORAL DRESS: Fall florals for everyone. // RUFFLE HEM TEE: Classic! //

And here are some cute, classic boy finds. I know my kid style, especially for boys, doesn’t speak to a lot of other Southern moms out there, but for those of us who do speak the same language… 😉 Here ya go!

Maroon clothes for toddlers // Mississippi State University //

Clockwise from top left corner: HIGH TOPS: I would actually put boys OR girls in these cuties. Probably gonna buy for Wilson this season then let Lily Ryan wear them next season! 😉 // LONG SLEEVE POCKET TEE: Perfect for school or chillier games. Oh, and $7. // POPLIN BUTTON FRONT: Wear to games, AND wear to church all fall/winter long. // CONVERSES: Chuck Taylor was a favorite for everyone, right?! // WHITE POLO: Now is a great time to stock up on polos with all the back to school deals going on. This one is $10! // BEANIE: For those cooler games. // VANS OLD SKOOL SNEAKS: I just love these 🙂  // MAROON POLO: I buy this same shirt for Wilson every year. $4. That is all. // BOWTIE: I know bowties are not typical for football games, but HOW FREAKING CUTE?! Zara FTW. // MAROON SHORTS: Pair with white polo and you’re all set!

I feel certain Row10, my absolute favorite local baby shop, will be getting in some good maroon items pretty soon, so definitely plan to check there too! Mississippi State moms, where are your favorite places to shop for football season clothes?

And Ole Miss & Southern mamas! I care about y’all too! I just don’t typically shop for blue/red or gold/black this time of year. Would y’all be interested in me finding similar styles in your team’s colors?? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can make happen!

Thank y’all SO much for stopping in today! XO!

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