Bold + Gold

Bold + Gold Earrings

Along with my ever-growing belly is the ever-growing challenge to get dressed in the morning. One way I’ve found to take an outfit up a notch is with some bold gold earrings! I have three pair that I’ve been particularly loving during this season. And I’m certain I’ll continue loving them even post delivery! But a nice shot of gold makes all the difference for me, especially right now.

My three favorites are the Kendra Scott Diane earrings in gold, these Happiness Boutique chandelier earrings, and these interesting gold Mango hoops.

I’ve got my eye on several other pairs, most of which are extremely affordable! Check these out. So many pretty options!

Bold + Gold Earrings

What are y’all up to this weekend? Hope you’ve got some nice plans! Thanks so much for stopping by! And since I’m always on the hunt, feel free to leave a link with YOUR favorite gold earrings in the comments below!

Y’all are the BEST! XO!

// mini purchase of the week: air dehumidifier for our upstairs // Also just found out our baby carrier is NASTY so getting a new one of those too! //

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