Date Night at Drago’s

Date Night at Drago's in Jackson, MS via

Price and I had a super fun date night (that I sorta mentioned here) a couple of weeks ago that I have been so excited to tell y’all about! The friendly folks at Drago’s Seafood Restaurant, which is right next door to the Hilton Jackson Hotel on County Line Road, invited us to their new(ish) Jackson location for a good ole Cajun dinner, and since it was a place we’d both been wanting to try after hearing family members talk about how good it is, we immediately took them up on the offer!

Drago’s opened their first location in Metairie back in 1969. Since then, they’ve added a New Orleans location and, most recently, a Jackson location! The Cvitanovich family who started the restaurant are serious about something that seems to be important to pretty much all Louisianans: good food and good times. I’d say this is an infectious mindset (I’m fully on board!) and it has been imperative to the success of all of the Drago’s locations!

So back to our date night at Drago’s 🙂

Overall we had a great experience! The drinks were fantastic, the food was divine, the staff could not have been nicer, and to top it all off, they had a live musician playing over in the corner!

We totally splurged on calories… We got to sample so many incredible appetizers, drinks, entrees, sides, and desserts. As you could probably imagine, Price and I were both wishing that the other would wheel us out the door at the end of the meal… We ate a TON because it was ALL SO GOOD….

Date Night at Drago's in Jackson, MS via

Date Night at Drago's in Jackson, MS via

Date Night at Drago's in Jackson, MS via

Date Night at Drago's in Jackson, MS via

Date Night at Drago's in Jackson, MS via

Date Night at Drago's in Jackson, MS via

Date Night at Drago's in Jackson, MS via

How insane looking is that dessert?! Hang on, I’ll get there in a minute!

The highlights of the food were many. Price particularly loved the grilled oysters. I personally am not an oyster fan, but he looooved them. He says they’re what makes Drago’s special… So there’s that!

I thought their spicy shrimp was pretty dee-vine, as was the fried alligator! I gotta say, it’s been at least a decade since I tried alligator and it was pretty delicious!

The highlight of the evening (besides dessert. Keep hangin’ on!) was the lobster mac and cheese. I also am not a huge fan of lobster, but YALL. This stuff was so legit. We both were all over it.

Drago’s keeps their drink list pretty straight forward and simple, which I can appreciate. One thing that was on their drink menu that I had not tried (and frankly, had never even heard of!) was Swamp Water. So I tried it! It was such a fun cocktail with a good blend of Mississippi and Cajun influences. Definitely worth trying if you like testing new waters, if you will… ha! 🙂

Ok so now to the dessert… We got to sample two: The bread pudding and the spicy praline parfait. The bread pudding was definitely a great recipe, but I straight up DEVOURED the spicy praline parfait! I love sweet + spicy flavors together. I know not everyone does, but that’s one of my favorite combos. So this dessert was a total winner for me! I ate way too much of it, which absolutely contributed to my roll-me-out-of-here status at the end of the meal. It was a great note to end on!

We had a blast at Drago’s and will definitely go back next opportunity we have. Thanks so much to the Drago’s team for making our experience so great!

And thank YOU for stopping by today and reading! Have you tried Drago’s? Did you love it as much as we did?!

Y’all are the best! Hope you have a fantastic rest of your day! XO!

Many thanks to Drago’s for supporting this post. All opinions are my own!



  1. Nikki May 11, 2017 / 1:04 pm

    This looks delicious! We never at there… I am pretty sure it opened towards the tail end of our stay in Jackson. Sounds like a great date night!


    • thelovelybee May 12, 2017 / 6:55 am

      If you like really good cajun food, you’d love it! I hope y’all can make it back down and check it out sometime!

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