February 11, 2017 Is Gonna Rule (Part 1)

2/11/17 is going to be epic

Hey what are you doing on February 11th? Nothing yet? Ok perfect, because I have some great ideas for you that will make February 11th the BEST. DAY. EVER!!!!!

There are actually two huge, super freakin awesome events going on that day that I would highly recommend attending.

The first is this event called Lee Loves Local at my workplace of SummerHouse!

Here’s a little background:  Lee Industries is a North Carolina based upholstery brand that is extremely well respected in the furniture world. And they LOVE all things local, because they themselves are an awesome local business! Each February, they host this national campaign called Lee Loves Local where stores across the nation that carry Lee Industries celebrate local awesomeness! Little events like art shows, cocktail hours, cool little design seminars, and parties are going to be popping up all across the nation the week of Valentine’s Day.  To kick Lee Loves Local week off, there’s always a big ol shindig somewhere in the country, with spotlights shining on the local culture of whatever the city is that is hosting the kickoff party. And since Traditional Home Magazine likes this concept so much, they co-host these events with Lee!

Well, long story short, SummerHouse is hosting the 2017 Lee Loves Local party!

Lee Loves Local at SummerHouse on 2/11/17

It’s gonna be major. BIIIIG spotlight on the Jackson, MS area! Here are some of the highlights that just get me super excited about this event (which will be 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at SummerHouse in The Township, by the way!)

I’m sure you’ve heard of at least a few of those, right?! This will be a great time to come get familiar with the ones that you don’t know about yet! 🙂 Plus, since this event is the weekend before Valentine’s Day, you can guarantee that these vendors will be ready to set you up with gifts for your valentine!

It’s going to be a REALLY fun day that I hope you can come be a part of. We are getting more and more excited the closer it gets!

And once you have some daytime fun at Lee Loves Local, then you’ll want to continue that fun right on into the night at Ignite The Night: London Calling! This is a super fun adults-only fundraiser at the Mississippi Children’s Museum. More about that on Monday!!

Thank you so much for dropping in today! It means so much! I hope all of you are staying dry today! 🙂 XOXOXO!


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