February 11, 2017 Is Gonna Rule (Part 2)

2/11/17 is going to be epicIf y’all read this post from last week, you got an idea of why February 11th is going to be the most incredible day Jackson, MS has ever seen! The Lee Loves Local event at SummerHouse is going to be SO much fun. So much fun that you won’t want to stop the fun when that ends at 4!

THANKFULLY, Ignite The Night starts at 7! How perfect?

2/11/17 is going to be epic

Ignite the Night is the big “grown-ups only” fundraiser that the Mississippi Children’s Museum does every year to help raise money for the museum (which is non-profit, so it relies fully on donations, fundraisers, and the like!)

This year’s theme is LONDON CALLING! I’m SO stoked about this! In helping planning, I’ve gotten to relive some of the fun I had when my friend Lindsey and I lived in England for a few months right after we graduated from college! This is such a fun theme! 🙂 And it will be carried out in lots of different ways. Here are just a few things you have to look forward to…

– Palace Guards to greet you as you walk into the museum!

– Princess Di, Beatrice, Eugenie, and several other fun London icons milling about taking pictures with the guests!

– A bar tended by none other than THE SPICE GIRLS! Whaaaaat!? This is gonna be awesome.

– A signature Beefeater Gin cocktail (and a very swanky Beefeater bar setup.)

– Amy Winehouse (brought back to life by Lisa Palmer!) headlining at the pub downstairs.

– Austin Powers deejaying at the Disco upstairs!

– Some killer food from 4Top Catering! Think fish and chips, the queen’s tea, some delicious pub grub, and lots of other delightful nibblers.

– Photo booth fun

– Pub games (“Pin the Cigar on Churchill” and “I See London, I See France, I See the Queen’s Underpants” to be exact!) with prizes for everyone who plays! Prizes are bottles of wine and gift cards to area restaurants! YES.

– A Jack The Sipper beer tasting! Jack The Sipper is a new, England inspired beer by Southern Prohibition that will be poured by The Sipper herself! 😉

– A KILLER silent auction. When Lisa, the silent auction chair, was telling the planning committee what all she had secured, I was floored! There are some GREAT items and services to get in on!

– Some over the top decorations and lighting to really bring it all to life

Kendall Poole Ellis directing it all… Which means it’s gonna totally rock!

– SO MUCH MORE. I’m definitely leaving off some stuff so there is a little element of surprise when you get to the party! I really really hope y’all can make it (if you’re over 21, of course!) 😉

2/11/17 is going to be epic

2/11/17 is going to be epic

Tickets are $100 a piece and we want you to feel like it was worth every single penny by the time you leave at the end! It’s going to be really really good. I personally guarantee! 🙂

You can get your tickets here (AND you can also go ahead and pre-buy tickets for the pub games if you want! Or you can wait til the night of to buy those. Either way!)

I really hope to see a lot of you at some point on 2/11! I really REALLY hope to see you at Lee Loves Local AND Ignite The Night! It might be somewhat of a long day, but it’s going to be so much fun that it won’t even matter if we’re tired! RIGHT?! You’re only young once! Let’s do this together! 🙂

Thank y’all so much for stopping by today! Hope your week is off to the best start! XOXO!

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