Fifteen Dollar Bottle: 120 Reserva Especial

In this edition of Fifteen Dollar Bottle (where some friends and I sit down with a well-priced bottle of vino and talk about it), we are taking a bit of a different approach! Instead of me transcribing the entire conversation happening around a bottle of wine, I’m going to try just picking out the highlights! I’m also going to leave the quotes anonymous, as I have learned that I’ve embarrassed a few people in posts past! OOPS. This way, I can include all the best (or funniest) stuff without risking making a friend uncomfortable! As a 2 on the enneagram and an S on the DISC, I am really not good at knowing that I’ve made someone upset by something I’ve said. (This is a blessing and a curse…)

Everything else shall remain the same! So without further adieu, let’s get on with this $8.99 bottle o red!

Fifteen Dollar Bottle: A Wine Review Column on

Fifteen Dollar Bottle: A Wine Review Column on

Fifteen Dollar Bottle: A Wine Review Column on


“This is really good for $8.99!”

“This doesn’t have as much of a bite as the cab I was just drinking.”

“I wouldn’t say this is light bodied. But it is really smooth.”

“I have chocolate and a cookie in my mouth so I can’t really taste it over those flavors.”

“Supposedly if it has a lot of legs on the glass, it has higher alcohol content. And I’m seein’ some legs.

“We shop at Colony Wine Market, too. I’ll have to grab a bottle of this!”

“So these cookies have cinnamon in them. I think the cinnamon and the wine kinda work together well.”

“Do I want wine or cookie to be the last taste I leave in my mouth for the night? I guess I can’t lose!”

“I don’t know how to describe this wine. I like it! But I don’t know what kinds of “notes” it has or what year it is.”

“I have some friends who are big into wine. Like they know a lot about wine. And they say some of their favorite bottles are $10 or $15 bottles.”

“It’s easy.”

“Is there any left? I need a refill.”

Fifteen Dollar Bottle: A Wine Review Column on

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So that is 120 Reserva Especial in a nutshell! Have you tried it? Grab a bottle next time you’re at Colony Wine Market in Madison and let me know what ya think!

Thank y’all from the bottom of my heart for supporting this little blog. I love sharing with y’all things that I love or that inspired me. So it means the world that you choose to stop by and read. THANK YOU!!

All the Xs and Os!

This post is supported by Colony Wine Market. All opinions are my own, as always!

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