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Feedback needed on thehiveblog.com!

Hey y’all! I hope all is well for you so far today! 🙂 So today I am asking you for a teeny little favor. I need your help!

First, let me back up just a bit. For those of you who I haven’t gotten to meet or who might be new to this little corner of the interwebs, my name is Laurel! I love Jesus, I love my awesome husband Price, and I adore my two babies Wilson and Lily Ryan. We have three pups who have gotten increasingly worse since the arrival of Lily Ryan, but we still love them! 🙂 I work part time at SummerHouse keeping the web store and social media up to date. I also have a paper company, The Lovely Bee! I freelance write from time to time, do a little bit of social media consultation, I pick my babies up from school most days and hang with them in the afternoons, and I love to BLOG! Which is why we are here!

Spring Dining Room Update // thehiveblog.com

Feedback needed on thehiveblog.com!

I started this blog way back when to serve as a place to update people about news in The Lovely Bee Paper Co. world, but over time, it has evolved into a place where I share my love for all things fashion, interior design, party, travel, baby… And sometimes I even get a little personal if there is something that has been laid on my heart to share!

I share all that background to say that I have LOVE LOVE LOVED blogging and making new friends and connections through this little ol website that I pour so much of myself into! I am actually working on editing down my life just a little bit so my focuses can be a bit more streamlined. But one thing I want to keep active and really hone in on is THE HIVE 🙂 Blogging has been such a blessing to me. It has provided me with cool opportunities, and in turn, I’ve gotten to share some of those cool opportunities with y’all in the forms of discounts and giveaways!

ANYWAY — there I go rambling again as Price likes to joke with me 🙂 — I would LOVE to have your feedback on this blog. What do you love? What do you hate? Do you wish I did more of this or less of that? I want to hear it all! I want to really focus on making this blog better. And what my readers think is SUPER important in that process! 🙂 I’ve created just a quick little survey with mostly multiple choice questions that will only take a few minutes of your time. Each question gives you room to elaborate if you wish, or you can just keep to a simple multiple choice answer! All answers are so so so helpful! AND, you have the option to respond anonymously by simply not entering your email address at the very beginning. You can also skip questions if you feel they don’t apply to you!

So off topic from the rest of the text in this post, how do y’all like my dining room refresh?! It was a very quick little project that made such a big impact to me! I took up the moss runner I’d had on the table since before Christmas (yikes) and put down a few placemats to look like a new runner! I kinda love how it turned out! Who ever said placemats couldn’t be used in new ways? 😉  The flowers/greenery are all straight out of the yard. I saw a few plants that could use a trim, so I put the trimmings in my favorite teapot! 🙂

Spring Dining Room Update // thehiveblog.com

Spring Dining Room Update // thehiveblog.com

Voila! Brand new vibe going on. I needed a little spring pick-me-up in that room! 🙂

Ok y’all, thank you again for your help in taking the survey!! Y’all are so wonderful and I’m so thankful for all of you! I hope you have a GREAT day!!



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