Local Lovin’ in October

Hey everyone!

Today is the October installment of Local Lovin’, a monthly column my friend Nikki and I do to talk about some of our local faves! This month’s topic was sort of a “blogger’s choice.” It was basically a grab bag! So for my October local love, I picked the Livingston Farmers Market!

Livingston Farmers Market // www.thehiveblog.com

There are a million reasons why I love Livingston Farmers Market! The first one has to be the close proximity to our house. It’s about a mile and a half away, so it’s very easy for us to get to!

They have a wine garden.
And cooking demonstrations.
And live music.
And lots of cool local vendors. (We bought Wilson a really cute handmade wooden tractor last week by an incredibly talented wood worker!)
And sometimes you’ll luck up on a free wine and cheese tasting, like what we stumbled upon last week!

Livingston Farmers Market // www.thehiveblog.com

It’s such a pretty setting, and with the weather being so nice lately, it’s just about the perfect way to spend a fall evening! The markets are every Thursday for the next three weeks, so be sure to go before the market shuts down for the year! It’ll start back up in the summer if you end up not making it, though! 🙂

Livingston Farmers Market // www.thehiveblog.com

There are also two really awesome restaurants in The Town of Livingston that you can walk to for dinner after the market closes down around 7:00! I’ve raved about both of them here on The Hive before!!! (More about County Seat here, and more about The Gathering here!)

I hope to see some of y’all out at the next Farmer’s Market on Thursday, but if not, I’m sure I’ll run into you at one of the wonderful restaurants grabbing a bite sometime! 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by today! And be sure to head over and see what Nikki’s local love for this month is! 🙂

Have a great one! XO!

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  1. Nikki October 13, 2015 / 1:54 pm

    I have only been to the Livingston Farmer’s Market once. I am dying to go back, but I hate it is on Thursday evenings! I need to venture out there soon!


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