Love and Bubbles

Love and Bubbles //

Happy Valentine’s Day, you beautiful person, you!

I am the first to admit that Valentine’s Day in the past has been a “holiday” that makes me want to roll my eyes. Everything is cliche, I’ve never really been a huge fan of red and pink, and seeing people overly expressive about love sometimes makes me want to puke.

But lately I’ve been singing a different tune! I started thinking, if there is something even halfway worth celebrating, then WHY NOT? It was one of my new year’s resolutions to celebrate more, so celebrate more I shall.

We had a fun little family Valentine celebration this morning where we put “squirt” (a.k.a. ReddiWhip. My kids call it squirt, and yes I’m aware of how gross it sounds… But it’s even more hilarious so we have not corrected it) on our waffles and topped it with pink and red sprinkles. We got little stuffed animals, new swimmies, and a pretty cookie for the older two kids. Dempsey got some new PJs. And I got Price some beer and gummy bears, so he’s a happy man! ha!

I got myself some lovely bubbly rosé from Colony Wine Market, which I plan to bust open tonight with Price while we’re watching a movie after kiddos go down!

Colony Wine Market has a killer selection of bubbly rosé right now, so be sure to stop by and grab some for yourself today and celebrate some love! Even if you’re not married or dating someone right now, you can still celebrate the greatest gift God gave us! Love is something we all need (even if we just show a little extra love to ourselves in the form of bubbles and chocolate. And I’m not above buying flowers for myself, so I highly encourage that, too!)

Friends need love, co-workers need love, your puppy needs love, you can send some sweet texts to folks you haven’t talked to in a while… It’s easy and fun to spread some sugar! 😉

So while I still might throw up a little at overly mushy instagrams today, I’m embracing the love fest, the pink and red, the bubbles, and am reminded of why we even love to being with. Because GOD IS LOVE and it is in His image that we are made 🙂

Love and Bubbles //

Love and Bubbles //

Love and Bubbles //

(( All of these bottles are $20ish and under! ))


This post is supported by Colony Wine Market. All opinions are my own, as always!

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