My Favorite Room: My Dining Room

Please give a warm welcome to my dear friend Mary Susan Asters, the blogstress over at #Adulthood, who is today’s guest as she shares about her favorite room in my guest blogger series “My Favorite Room!

I LUH-HUV this series because I just love houses and prettiness of that sort! Thank you, Mary Suze, for taking the time to fill us in on your favorite room!! Take it away… 🙂

1. What’s your favorite room in your house?

Wow, we just bought our first house in March and decorating it has been one of the most exciting things I’ve ever gotten to do, so this question is a hard one. My favorite room has to be my dining room. It’s the first room you see when you come through the front door, and it holds my most precious pieces of furniture & china. It also has huge windows for great natural light & a cool antique chandelier that dims for setting the mood. Plus, it’s our pups favorite napping spot – they get under the table on the plush rug and nap for hours. They’re like my little extra pieces of decoration.

My Favorite Room: My Dining Room // #Adulthood for THE HIVE

My Favorite Room: My Dining Room // #Adulthood for THE HIVE

2. What about this room makes you love it so much?

All the love that went into each piece. Almost everything in the room has a background that’s personal to me. The hutch was my late paternal grandmother’s and she had it displaying china for years in their house, so it’s a joy to be able to use it now with my favorite china in my own home. Plus, this time of year the hutch holds my maternal grandmother’s Christmas china that I grew up eating on during the holidays. The whole room is full of family memories that warm my heart, especially this time of year and being three hours from home. I also love the love that my sweet momma put into helping me get each piece decorated exactly how I wanted. She makes my ideas come to life. I don’t have as much craftiness in my whole body as she has in her pinky finger. I swear it.

My Favorite Room: My Dining Room // #Adulthood for THE HIVE

3. If you had to pick your favorite element in the room what would it be?

No brainer- my farm table. It was originally my late paternal grandmother’s and it was in her kitchen for years. Bronco (my dad, and yes that’s his real name, and yes that’s what I’ve always called him, but that’s another story for another day) grew up eating at this table. When I bought my house he refinished the table himself, and gave it to me as a house-warming present. I had my ever artistic & helpful momma add a few touches, like the white stained legs (with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint). I also found the upholstered end chairs and seagrass benches to give it more of a ‘dining room’ look versus kitchen table.

4. What’s your paint color?

Yikes, got me on that one. The room was already painted prior to us moving in. I especially LOVE the light turquoise ceiling. Matt is pleased that I left it alone, because I have a tendency to want everything to be grey, cream, or white. No exceptions, no colors. (If he had it his way the whole house would be a different bold color!)

5. At what time of day do you most enjoying being in this room?

Hmm…I love dinner in here with Matt and two pups begging for bites. It’s our first time to really sit down after getting in from work and have a little bit of time to just talk. Sometimes with this whole grown-up life thing I feel like we see each other constantly, but we never have time to just chat. I also hosted my first Thanksgiving this year, and I LOVED it (I had it catered, but that still counts as hosting right?). We gathered around the table, and it was wonderful to have my precious family in Jackson with me for a few days. So, for a rather long answer: dinner time with Matt or meal-time when my family is in town visiting.

6. If you had to describe the room in three words what would they be?

clean – loved – classic

7. Anything else we need to know about this space?

The teacup set was gift from my late grandmother (the original owner of the table). It is Neiman Marcus’s 1990 Christmas Edition. She ordered it for me the year she passed away, it warms my heart every year when I get to put it out along with my other grandmother’s Christmas china that I got this year as a house warming gift.

Right now, I’m especially loving our tree. I’m a holiday fanatic, and I couldn’t wait to get this bad boy up…(notice the all-white theme again). No colored ornaments in our house. I did agree to red wrapping paper to make the house a bit more festive.

My Favorite Room: My Dining Room // #Adulthood for THE HIVE

The white stained antlers I had to share, because I ‘borrowed’ the idea from my favorite decorator…Laurel. I love it, and actually have two that go in here once the tree is gone.

My Favorite Room: My Dining Room // #Adulthood for THE HIVE

I also adore these two horse watercolors I recently snagged at an antique store for $12. They add a tiny bit of color to pacify Matt, and my family has a huge cattle/horse background so they have a little extra meaning for me.

My Favorite Room: My Dining Room // #Adulthood for THE HIVE

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Thanks Mary Susan for sharing!!! Such a fun and meaningful space! Love it!

(p.s. Stay tuned for another guest post from Mary Susan in another couple of weeks! In the meantime, check out her fun blog!)

Thanks for stopping by today! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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