Twelve Dollar Bottle: Borsao Garnacha

Ok friends! Time for one of my favorite posts of the month! It is TWELVE DOLLAR BOTTLE time! In case you missed last month’s edition, which was actually sort of the reintroduction of this column, be sure to check it out to get a little more background behind the premise of these little reviews!

Without any further delay, let’s get to know a little more about this month’s pick, who all tasted it, and our very improper pairing! (We actually reviewed this bottle while on the beach trip I mentioned here and here, during one of our late night game sessions. So supper had long since passed, and we were on to chips, popcorn, and candy. BUT! Keep reading for more info on proper pairings for this bottle!) 🙂

Twelve Dollar Bottle: A review of inexpensive wine by ordinary folks //

Twelve Dollar Bottle: A review of inexpensive wine by ordinary folks //

Twelve Dollar Bottle: A review of inexpensive wine by ordinary folks //

Alright, now that the stage has been set, I give you… “The Review”

Laurel: Ok y’all here is our bottle! Borsao Garnacha. The year: 2015.

Madison: It’s smooth

Laurel: It is very smooth.

Price: Dries you out a little bit. A little tart, I guess you’d say?

Laurel: The guys at the wine store did say it’s more of a food wine. Best paired with ham or duck or something like that. So our junk food here isn’t really the best pairing!

Andrew: I would drink this with a ham!

Mary Elizabeth: It has nice nice legs, I can see from looking at the glass.

Laurel: Oh yeah, it sure does!

Price: What are your thoughts, Tina? We need your thoughts.

Laurel: Let’s hear from you too, Eric! Where’d Jesse go?

Tina: You’re about to find out how ignorant I am about wine! But you know, it doesn’t have the bite that some wines do.

Andrew: It’s very smooth. Not super dry!

Madison: I feel like the more you drink it, the drier it tastes, though.

Price: Yeah, my third and fourth sips were much drier.

Laurel: Does anyone get a little bit of a pepper aftertaste? Just a little bit?

Price: Yeah kinda on the tip of my tongue, I get a little bite.

Laurel: Yeah, I didn’t think that the first few sips but now I detect a little bite!

Daniel: It tastes more like a red wine than most red wines.

Madison: Yeah, it’s very red wine-y!

Laurel: The quintessential red wine, would you say?

Daniel: Yes, exactly.

Andrew: Is this a… Pinot Noir?

Laurel: It’s a Garnacha… I’m not extremely familiar with this kind…?  Jericho, what are your thoughts?

Jericho: I am no wine expert…

Price: That’s the whole point of these tastings! Nobody here is a wine expert so you’re in good company.

Tina: Is this like wine for dummies?

Laurel: It really is just like ordinary people talking about cheap wine! Fun, right?

Jericho: I’m thinking it probably came from grapes… What region is it from?

Laurel: Hmmm… It’s a spanish wine…

Tina: It came from Spain and it was cheap?

Eric: Where in Spain?

Price: Boria? Oh there is a “J.” Borja!

Andrew: Is that their wine country?

Eric: Yeah. They have several wine countries, actually!

Laurel: Ok so overall, I really like this, but would likely enjoy it more with a meal.

Eric: Oh yeah, I’d buy it again!

Tina: It’s really good! I love it.

Price: Let’s get this again next time we cook steak. I would love to try this with beef.

Eric: Yeah, y’all invite me over. Let’s try it with a steak!

Andrew: It’s not super dry, but it’s dry enough. It’s not gonna dry your palette out.

Eric: It carries its weight.

Andrew: It tastes more expensive than $12 for a bottle. It’s definitely the finest wine I’ve had tonight!

Collectively: Yeah, yep, uh-huh. (side note: It’s the only wine any of us had that night!)

Jesse: Wait, wait, this is only $12 a bottle?

Laurel: Oh hey, Jess! Join us. And yes, it’s $12! But without knowing that, I would be fine paying $8 to $10 for a glass of that at a restaurant!

Jesse: I’m big on cheap wine! I’m glad to know about this one.

Price: Go get you some at Colony Wine Market right there by the Kroger and show support since they like my wife’s blog!

Jesse: I definitely will. I really like this!

// aaaand scene! //

So overall, this wine really was great. I think everyone enjoyed it! I could see how it’d be better with food, though. Last Twelve Dollar Bottle was similar, and it came alive when sipped while munching on meat and cheese. I’m really glad to know about this twelve dollar bottle (which retails for $11.99 to be exact!) and look forward to introducing it to more friends in the future! I’m thinking this might be a great bottle to put with a hostess or housewarming gift, since this large group of tasters all enjoyed it so much. It speaks to many different palettes, obviously! I highly recommend trying a bottle for yourself, which you can get locally at Colony Wine Market in Madison!

Twelve Dollar Bottle: A review of inexpensive wine by ordinary folks //

Twelve Dollar Bottle: A review of inexpensive wine by ordinary folks //

I hope all of you are gearing up for an awesome weekend! We have a family wedding to go to, possibly some swimming to do, and otherwise, we’ll just see where the weekend wind blows us! Thank you so much for stopping by today! Y’all are the best and I appreciate it so much!


Supported by Colony Wine Market. All opinions are my own, as always!


  1. Mary Margaret July 21, 2017 / 11:13 am

    “I’m big on cheap wine” *facepalm* My husband, everyone. Hate I missed out trying this one, but it looks like my cheap-wine-loving husband will have some at home soon!

    • Mary Elizabeth July 21, 2017 / 1:31 pm

      Mary Margaret, you certainly did miss out! Should have seen everyone swirling their glass and pursing their lips while sipping and pondering on the wine therein!!

      • thelovelybee July 27, 2017 / 11:31 am

        Haha yes, it’s a comical sight when you have ten non-winos in the same room trying to sound like we all know what we’re talking about! 🙂

    • thelovelybee July 27, 2017 / 11:32 am

      Haha I am right there with him on being a cheap wine fan! Hopefully we can get both you and Jess in on an upcoming review, since they are now a monthly thing! 🙂

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