A Soft Reintroduction To Twelve Dollar Bottle :: Goats Do Roam

So it’s been over a YEAR since I’ve posted a Twelve Dollar Bottle review! How can that be?! Oh, I know how. I got pregnant! That’s how! 😉

In case you aren’t familiar, Twelve Dollar Bottle is a column here on THE HIVE where I get a bottle of wine that costs $12 or under, pour some up, and have a very informal, non-educated conversation about it with a group of people! You can read older ones here!

This is a soft re-intro to the column, so it’s just me (The Paper Girl) and Price (The Legal Counsel) reviewing here. You can read more about those nicknames in this first post here!

Today, we are reviewing Goats Do Roam!

Twelve Dollar Bottle // Goats Do Roam red // www.thehiveblog.com

Paper Girl: Goats Do Roam… ohhhh… what type of wine is this? (long pause) Ah, vintage red. Ok.

Legal Counsel: I thought it was a blended red. What’s the different between a blended red and a vintage red?

Paper Girl: I don’t know. Ok… First sip!

Legal Counsel: No, no! First… Cheers!

Paper Girl: Cheers!

(long pause due to savoring, swishing, smelling, etc.)

Paper Girl: Pretty smooth…

Legal Counsel: Smooth. Pretty light.

Paper Girl: Light. Yeah. Not just a whole lot of bold character…

Legal Counsel: Tasty notes of goat…. I like it. No funky aftertaste like most bottles of ten dollar wine have. It’s very smooth. I’m a fan! What do you think, Wilson?

Paper Girl: OH. Moving on…. It’s very slightly peppery, I would say. Would you say that?

Legal Counsel: Yeah.

Paper Girl: And you know how I love a peppery red. I wanna say it’s got some herbal influence. Versus fruity notes. Let me see what the back label says…

Legal Counsel: Yeah I’m not tasting a whole lot of fruit.

Paper Girl: It doesn’t say, really. Well. So we give it a thumbs up?

Legal Counsel: Yeah I like it a lot. It’s very smooth for a cheap bottle of wine, and like I said, the biggest problem you run into there is a funky aftertaste or something, but there’s nothing like that with this.

Paper Girl: Yeah. It’s good with this pizza! Ok, well we would buy this again!

Legal Counsel: Word.

// aaaand scene //

Winery: Goats Do Roam
Type: Red Blend
Region: South Africa
Year: 2012
Cost: $8

Have you tried this wine? What did you think? (If you can remember!)

Thanks for reading!

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