Fifteen Dollar Bottle: Domaine Boyar Cab

Hey everyone! Happy almost weekend! Today, we are taking the column formerly known as Twelve Dollar Bottle and turning it into Fifteen Dollar Bottle. Since Price is sort of in charge of coordinating the wine and spirit related posts right now, and since Scott at Colony Wine Market told us that upping the bottle price by three dollars would double our options, Price decided now was the time to go for it, during his “reign.”

So today we bring you our first bottle that is over $12! It was right at $15. We drank it (I only had about three teeny sips!) when we had some friends over for dinner last week. It was fun reviewing it with a completely new crew of folks! Here’s what/who we were working with:

Fifteen Dollar Bottle: Domaine Boyar Cab

Fifteen Dollar Bottle: Domaine Boyar Cab

Fifteen Dollar Bottle: Domaine Boyar Cab

And our discussion went like so:

Laurel: This is Domaine Boyar. It’s a Cabernet Sauvignon from Bulgaria which I don’t think I’ve ever had before. So what do y’all think?

(everyone sips)

Laurel: It’s really… bright! Here’s some popcorn. It always helps to have food.

Price: It looks like Jonathan has an opinion… Tell us your thoughts over there.

Jonathan: Tastes like chalk.

Laurel: I don’t get chalk…

Jonathan: With a hint of rotten berry.

Kara: I don’t get that either.

Laurel: Jonathan, do you like red wine?

Jonathan: I hardly ever drink red wine.

Kara: It’s not too strong.

Danielle: I think it’s mild! It’s mild with just a little bit of punch

Kara: Yeah, at the end! I taste that at the end. It’s got a little spark.

Danielle: It’s smooth. It’s definitely smooth.

Price: Would you call that dry?

Laurel: Maybe?

Danielle: I would say it was dry.

Kara: Yeah it’s not too sweet.

Jonathan: That’s what I said: chalky! Chalk is dry.

Price: It definitely dries your mouth out. Makes your mouth feel a little parched.

Laurel: I think it dries your mouth out more if you’ve eaten before taking a sip.

Price: Yeah, my first sip was great, but my second sip after I ate the popcorn wasn’t my favorite.

Laurel: So maybe this is a better sipping wine without food? It does not shine after a bite of cheese popcorn.

Kara: But after the caramel, it’s pretty good!

Price: It doesn’t dry you out nearly as much if you just drink it without eating.

Laurel: Ok Kara I agree! It’s way more smooth after the caramel popcorn. So maybe it’s just bad with that cheese popcorn! It definitely does not go with the cheese. Do not try this wine with cheese popcorn.

Price: It doesn’t have much of a smell to it. What do they call that? Tannins? The tannins are not overpowering.

Laurel: I do think it smells strong, but when I’m pregnant, my nose is much more “aware.”

Price: See I just don’t get a lot of smell.

// It was at about this point where all six kids at this hangout came over asking if we were done yet, so the audio got really crazy! It picks back up with… //

Laurel: Ok so overall, we have a tart wine that does not go well with cheese popcorn but does go well with caramel and kettle corn. It’s Bulgarian.

Price: I’ve never knowingly had Bulgarian wine before. Is Bulgaria known for their wine?

Laurel: I would say no! Have y’all ever heard of wine from Bulgaria? I think that may be why Scott picked this bottle for us, because it’s different.

Danielle: I will say, when I started drinking it before eating the popcorn, I thought it tasted better.

Price: I’m gonna go google winemaking in modern Bulgaria. I’ll email y’all what I find!


Fifteen Dollar Bottle: Domaine Boyar Cab

So do you think YOU would like this bottle? To find out for yourself, head over to Colony Wine Market in Madison and grab one for yourself! I’d be very interested to hear what you think!

Thank y’all so much for stopping in today! Have an amazing rest of the week! XOXO!

This post is supported by Colony Wine Market. AllĀ opinions are my own, as always!

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