Twelve Dollar Bottle: Bodini Malbec

Happy Friday, my friends! I can’t believe how quickly this week flew by… I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Today I’ve got a Twelve Dollar Bottle that you red lovers MUST know about! This bottle, Bodini Malbec, was pretty much made to go with smoked turkey, so if you’re in charge of the Thanksgiving wine, I highly recommend this! For those of you who are new here, Twelve Dollar Bottle is a very informal review of an inexpensive bottle of wine ($12 or under) by my friends/family! (Almost none of us know that much about wine, so this is just a super down to earth convo from super down to earth folks!)

Let’s get started! Here’s the info:

Twelve Dollar Bottle: Bodini Malbec //

Twelve Dollar Bottle: Bodini Malbec //

Twelve Dollar Bottle: Bodini Malbec //

(I should take this moment to share that our taster Jonathan is not a wine drinker. He does, however, love a cold Mountain Dew. To “prove” that his drink of choice is “better,” he makes a brief appearance in this transcript! Love ya, Jon!) 😉

Laurel: Ok, so it has been requested that we not share what this is or where it’s from to test people’s skills.

Justin: I already saw.

Jordan: I read the label.

Laurel: Oh, ok…?

Katie: Why’d you read it if you are the one who requested it be a secret?

Jordan: Because I couldn’t not! The bottle was right there.

Laurel: This is an Argentine Malbec

Justin: Malbec from Argentina. Dope

Katie: I was just drinking another red wine and this one smells much more, uh, dry, than what I was drinking.

Jordan: This is indeed dry…

Justin: Yep.

Jordan: It’s got a dry spice…

Laurel: I love that peppery-ness on the top of my mouth. Katie, you don’t like it? (asked because of a face she was making)

Katie: I do not! But it’s probably because I was just drinking something else that was very different.

Price: I taste berries.

Laurel: Aren’t Malbecs usually a little drier?

Katie: I can’t put my finger on what I’m tasting.

(the sound of an aluminum can opening)

Price: How’s that Mountain Dew, Jon? Review the Mountain Dew for us. Was it a good year?

Katie: I almost taste a hint of plastic…

Price: Plastic? Ew. It tastes good to me!

Justin: I think it’s pretty solid. Pretty dry.

Laurel: I wonder if it’s the plastic cup it’s in?

Katie: I think it’s totally the other red wine messing me up.

Justin: I think the boldness balances out the dryness. I could probably put a straw in it a just go for it.

Jon: Katie, you said it tasted like plastic? Glad I’m not drinking any! Do the Dew, baby.

Laurel: Whoever said they tasted berries…

Price: That was me.

Laurel: …the bottle says there is dark plum, blackberries, spices, and herbs. With a deep finish. I feel that deep finish. I have a sinus situation and I feel like it opens me up a little bit and I can breathe more easily.

Price: It definitely opens things up. I think these grapes came from a dessert in a high elevation.

Laurel: I don’t know anything about the landscape of Argentina…

Jordan: Is there any way possible that you have enough material to create a blog post from this conversation?

Laurel: Maybe… We’ll see! Scott did tell me that this would pair really well with smoked meats, because I told him we were having smoked turkey tonight.

Price: I could see this being great with smoked turkey!

Justin: Do we have any smoked turkey left?

Price: Yeah. I’ll get some! Let’s do it.

// pause for Price to go get some meats //

Price: Ohhh yeahhhh, these pair really well.

Justin: Oh yeah. The wine actually has more flavor now.

Laurel: Yes! Lots of smoke going on in my mouth…

Justin: I think the sweetness of the blackberry stands out a little more.

Laurel: Let me look for that in my next bite, Justin

// long silence while everyone is eating and sipping //

Laurel: I’m still just getting heavy smoke.

Price: Yeah, there’s lots of smokiness in this combination.

Jordan: The wine helps to keep my teeth from sticking together…

(lots of laughter… WHAT?!)

Jordan: I’m using the wine to rinse the turkey off of my teeth.

Laurel: Do you like the way it tastes when you rinse?

Jordan: I do.

Justin: I taste it on the top of my mouth.

Price: Yeah, me too. for sure.

Justin: This wine is solid!

Laurel: So if you need a Thanksgiving wine to accompany your smoked turkey, this is it!

Katie: I will say, my rating goes way up after having the turkey.

Justin: I agree. I like it better with food.

Laurel: Completely agree! Better with food. This is a food enhancing wine for sure.

Jordan: I’m a fan.

Justin: I’m a fan.

Laurel: Ok thank y’all! The end!

Twelve Dollar Bottle: Bodini Malbec //

Only if you have really long marfan fingers can you keep control of a bottle and a glass like this… ^^ HA!

So overall, the wine got great reviews! It definitely came more alive with the turkey. Scott at Colony Wine Market also said it would be great with smoked ham, grilled veggies, or really any smoked meats. He also gave me a Twelve Dollar Chardonnay that I plan to share with my family at Thanksgiving this coming week! I’ll let y’all know our thoughts soon! 🙂

Thank you SO much for stopping by today! Y’all are amazing and I SO appreciate you reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

Supported by Colony Wine Market. All opinions are my own, as always!


  1. Meagan November 17, 2017 / 10:07 am

    I’m dying over this conversation. Hilarious! Love the label; can’t wait to try!

    • thelovelybee November 17, 2017 / 4:03 pm

      Haha it was a fun discussion! Thanks so much for reading! XO!

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