A Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Display + A Shopping List!

A Valentine's Day Charcuterie Table

Hi hello! I hope you’re having a great day today!

I posted a video last week of me building a fun pink + red + orange + white charcuterie table on IGTV and wanted to share more about that over here! I had a couple of people ask for a shopping list, so I’ll be sure to include that in this post, too!

The idea for this board was born from (a) the popularity of my first charcuterie IGTV, (2) the nearness to Valentine’s Day and (d) my love for celebrating the festiveness available to celebrate every day! Life is too short to not celebrate stuff! This is why I celebrate Christmas for like three months… Have fun cocktail napkins out at all times… Let my kids put “squirt” (a.k.a. ReddiWhip) and sprinkles on their waffles every Friday… Put galexie glister on my cheeks randomly just because…

I actually have a whole other blog post about just that HERE, and I touch on it in bullet point number three HERE! 🙂

When you find things to celebrate and reasons to be joyful, life is just better! So WHY NOT do a big Valentine’s charcuterie, film it, eat part of it for lunch that day, fix cute plates from it for kids’ snacks, then divide up most of the leftovers as happies to brighten other peoples’ days?!

A Valentine's Day Charcuterie Table
A Valentine's Day Charcuterie Table

Here is what all I included on this table. I got it all at either Target or Kroger!


powdered donuts

frosted animal crackers

Hershey’s Gold bar (broken up)

mini white marshmallows

three varieties of MnMs

butterscotch morsels

Pepperidge Farm raspberry jelly cookies

Cheetah Chomps cereal (it’s pink cheerios, basically!)


conversation hearts


flamin’ hot Cheetos

Cheese squares (or Cheez Its)

turkey pepperoni



extra sharp white cheddar

mild orange cheddar

cotswold orange cheese (from the fancy section at Kroger)

mild salsa



whole cashews

fresh raspberries

fresh strawberries

freeze dried peaches


dried cranberries

cherry tomatoes

Here are some fun Valentine themed plates, napkins, and vessels to include with your table!

And here is a fun collection of boards and cheese knives! If you have a budding charcuterie artist or a cheese lover in your life, I think a board and a set of knives would make such an awesome gift!

Don’t forget, the video of how I arranged all of these groceries can be found here on Instagram!


A Valentine's Day Charcuterie Table

If you want more tips on how to keep the cost down or how to get things arranged on a table like this, visit this post! I tried to include everything that might be helpful to you regarding budget and arrangement there!

Let me know if you have any questions. And local friends, keep an eye out for a fun event I’m helping with coming up in February! I’ll share details when I have them finalized, but it’s definitely Valentine and charcuterie related! <3

Thanks so much for stopping by today! xoxo

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