Sweet Child of Mine

So, we found out what the gender of our baby is last week!!!

I’m so excited. Y’all have no idea.

I tried to spend the weekend really taking time to relish in the news of what our new baby is because I actually found myself too busy to even enjoy it! Are y’all like that sometimes? We found out Thursday night at a gender reveal party at our house, but I was so busy cleaning up from that and hanging out with Wilson and getting ready to go out of town on Thursday night and Friday that I realized I hadn’t even sat down to relish in the excitement!

Our reveal party was fiesta themed so we busted a piñata to find out what the news was. My sister in law was the only one who knew the gender before Price hit the piñata. So we were surprised along with everyone else! I got pink (and red and purple) candy for her to use for girl and blue (and green) candy to use for a boy. (I ended up buying way too much candy — I overestimated the size of the piñata — so we are ahead on Halloween candy shopping!)

Gender Reveal Fiesta! // www.thehiveblog.com

Anyway, we all went outside and Price took a swing (or two) at the piñata until it busted… And out came…

Gender Reveal Fiesta! // www.thehiveblog.com

PINK! (and red and purple)

It’s a GIRL!!!! I’m PUMPED. Even more than the baby being a girl, I’m so thankful that she is HEALTHY. Her anatomy scan went beautifully. Everything looks wonderful. Praise the Lord! When you’re looking at a sonogram screen and hearing the sono tech talk about what everything is, you’re reminded of what a freaking MIRACLE a baby is. Every baby is a miracle.

A marvelous miracle!

Gender Reveal Fiesta! // www.thehiveblog.com

(pardon my goofy smile… I’m just excited!! AH!)

Gender Reveal Fiesta! // www.thehiveblog.com

We already love this little girl SO much. I look forward to meeting her face to face!! In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying the kicks she’s started giving me in the past few days! Sweet little kicks. Hopefully Price will get to feel one soon. She never seems to do too many in a row so he always misses them!

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us through this pregnancy! Please continue!

Stay tuned for more from the actual party coming in the next week or two!! And don’t forget to enter this giveaway to Anjou! Today is the last day!!!

Also– NO, we do not have a name nailed down. 🙂


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