Fifteen Dollar Bottle: Von Schleinitz Riesling

It’s time for another Fifteen Dollar Bottle over here! In case you missed why we switched to $15 rather than keeping it at $12, you can read about that in this post!

Today’s bottle is a very interesting white. My immediate family did the tasting this time, and had a blast! Here’s a little about the bottle, the pairing, and what we thought.

Fifteen Dollar Bottle Review //

Fifteen Dollar Bottle Review //

Fifteen Dollar Bottle Review //

I can’t not use this picture of our tasters! By far my favorite family photo. I still think somebody (ahem… My parents…) missed a great Christmas card opportunity! ha! Anyway, from left to right, we are: Katie Miller, Jordan Miller, Lee Miller, Mary Miller, Laurel Donahoo, Price Donahoo.


Laurel: Ok so this is a riesling. I told Scott (from Colony Wine Market) that since our last three or four bottles have been red, we wanted to branch out. But since everyone in our regular tasting crowd kind of prefers red, I asked him to give us something that a red lover would possibly be interested in branching out to. So after a few questions, we determined that our regular tasting crew probably all likes spicy deer sausage. so he suggested this: Von Schleinitz Riesling.

Mary: Is it from Germany?

Laurel: It is German, I believe.

Jordan: Von Schleinitz (in German accent)

Laurel: Let’s see… Ohio?

Jordan: German heritage, certainly.

Laurel: Scott did mention that the Germans drink riesling with just about everything from sweet to savory, heavy to light.

Lee: It seems like a good summertime drink because it’s good and light.

And it is German. It’s grown in the Mosel Valley. That’s over there.  

Laurel: This is… It’s pretty sweet!

Jordan: It is that.

Mary: I like it though… Boy! 

Katie: I do too. I like this a lot.

Jordan: I would say that the feet on it are a little flat.

Laurel: What does that mean?

Jordan: And the corners are a little sharp.

Laurel: It is delightful with the sausage. It makes the sausage taste even spicier, I think!

Lee: It’s almost like a sangria to me. A sweet, fun drink.

Laurel: Fun! That’s a great word. This is definitely a fun drink.

Jordan: Is it… sticky?

Katie: I would say slightly syrupy.

Laurel: You know, it does feel kinda… thick? Yeah…

Price: It’s sweeter than I expected, but I really don’t mind it.

Laurel: Did you try it with the sausage?

Price: I did not. I’m full…

Mary: This is better than a lot of rieslings. A lot of them are so icky sweet.

Jordan: I would say the body is round… 

Laurel: Ok…  I really like this!

Lee: It’s very smooth from start to finish

Jordan: I feel like it’s all fruit. I’m not getting any florals here.

Katie: I don’t know. I like it it but I could maybe only do a half a glass of this. It feels just a little heavy.

Laurel: It is. It’s a little thick, like we said earlier. It’s got some body to it.

Katie: But I’m not normally a white drinker.

Laurel: Some round body, as Jordan said.  This bottle is right at $15. So it’s affordable.

Lee: So we know this goes great with spicy sorts of things.

Laurel: I bet it would be good that seafood pasta from Amerigo that Price always orders. With that spicy cream sauce and all the seafoods.

Price: Ooooh yeah.

Jordan: It would also go good with sliced pear and brie.

Lee: I was gonna say a cheese.

Mary: Yeah, I’m thinking cheese.

Lee: Some sort of sharp cheese to kinda… shave off some of the roundness of the body… Soften those corners…

Katie: I’m thinking it would be really good like super super cold on a hot day in the summer at the beach.

Lee: What if you mix a Bubly with that?

Laurel: Ooooh like a spritzer… That could be delightful! 

Mary: That would cut the thickness of it. 

Laurel: We may just have to try that! 

Katie: I’m thinking this grapefruit Bubly would be good with it.

Laurel: We are all Bubly fans except for Price. What did that tweet say it tasted like that you sent me the other day?

Price: It said it tasted like TV static. I tell Laurel she’s drinking fruit flavored TV static whenever she drinks those sparkling waters.

Laurel: Well they’re so good!

Well when I can officially drink wine again, I would buy this. Particularly in the hot months. 

Mary: Yep. Yep. 

Laurel: Ok I’m gonna cut ‘er off! 

// And, scene //

Fifteen Dollar Bottle Review //

Do we have any riesling lovers out there? If so, have you tried this bottle? I really am looking forward to enjoying more than just a couple of sips of this once this baby arrives into this world! 🙂 I will definitely buy it again, without question. Although I do consider myself a red wine person, I love stepping outside of my norm every now and then with something that is as especially good as this!

Fifteen Dollar Bottle Review //

Thank y’all so much for stopping by today. You know it means the world to me! I hope you’ve had a great week so far. Now go buy two bottles of this wine from Colony Wine Market and give one to a friend who might be having a tough week! (Then you keep the other bottle for yourself and let me know how you like it!) 😉


This post is supported by Colony Wine Market. All opinions are our own, as always!

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